Tuesday, September 28, 2021
முகப்பு கட்சிகள் இதர கட்சிகள் பீகாரில் காவிக் குண்டுக்கு சாணியடி ! கேலிச்சித்திரம்

பீகாரில் காவிக் குண்டுக்கு சாணியடி ! கேலிச்சித்திரம்


bihar-elections-hundutva-defusedபடம் : ஓவியர் முகிலன்

    • லாலு, நிதிசுக்கு வெற்றி என்று சொல்லவில்லை. மையத்தில் இருந்துகொண்டு நாட்டைக் காவிமயமாக்கத் துடிக்கும் பா.ஜ.க.விற்கு விழுந்த அடியைப் பற்றி மட்டும்தான் கேலிச்சித்திரம் பேசுகிறது.

    • Mr. Ravi, Pls understand that India is a democratic country and right to express ideas and associate on that line are fundamental to Democracy. Hence political parties with similar ideologies agree on a common minimum programme against Hindutuva fundamentalism of BJP and getting mandate of the majority people is basic to democratic elections. It is an admitted fact that only a minority of Hindus are Hindutuva fundamentalists and they use Hindu religion sentiments to pull the moderate Hindus as vote bank, cultivating hatred against Muslims and Christians. Caste indeed played a major role in favour of the coalition victory. But BJP also played the same card.
      Mr. Ravi, one can cheat some people all the time, all the people some time but not all the people all the time Our PM Modi spoke in London that our Constitution protects tolerance; but his party is relying on Manu Sastra not the Constitution. If the law took its course as he said so many of our outstanding intellectuals would not have been murdered one after another. The State holders are making statements supportive to the murders, the murders of our freedom. Seed the reaction of the top leaders like Jaitlay towards the eminent citizens surrendering their awards, protesting the intolerance. Enough of preaching; let us practice.

      • Do you think RJD could have won this many number of seats with out the alliance. But BJP could have sweeped the election if all parties had contested separately.I think most of us would accept that Modi is better than Lalu in terms of development efforts


உங்கள் மறுமொழியை பதிவு செய்க
உங்கள் பெயரைப் பதிவு செய்க