Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The RSS Governors hindering the state governments from functioning!

Even though the RSS-BJP get defeated in the elections, they retain power through their overseers called Governors. Thereby, the state governments are not able to function independently.

Ban on grazing cows in the forest! No ban on the bourgeois to deceive the country!

On March 4, 2022, the Madras High Court had ruled that cattle should not be allowed to graze in any of the areas declared as “forests” within Tamilnadu.

Tek Fog App: The digital world under the grip of saffron fascists!

Fascist forces take control of these social media into their hands and decide what should be popular among the people, what should the people talk about, and how their likes and dislikes should be.

Ongoing dominance of Dikshitars in Thillai Natarajah temple: The self-respecting Tamilians won’t tolerate it anymore!

“When will the day come up when Sri Ranganathan and Thillai Natarajan be blown with a cannon?” asked Bharathidasan, the revolutionary poet. It is an expression of the feeling of self-respect and anger. It is in these two temples that the brahmanical sanatana, which...

Property Damage Prevention Act : A fascist weapon to curb protests !

if we fight against the saffron fascist schemes or fight against corporate exploitation or even if we speak or write against it, then we will be legally portrayed as ‘rioters’, ‘instigators of riots’ and our assets will be frozen by the government.

“One Nation, One Election”: The final phase in establishing Hindu Rashtra underway!

BJP opposers said that ‘one nation, one election’ is against the Constitution. Therefore, they were innocently saying that the Modi government will not be able to implement it.

Sri Lankan people longing for a Revolutionary Party !

Sri Lankan situation teaches us that no matter how  utterly the objective crises erupt, no matter how favorable they may be to the revolution, there can be no social change without a revolutionary Communist Party that can lead the people.

Perarivalan released; Release all ! including Nalini, Murugan, Santhan ! | People’s power

Not only the accused in the Rajiv murder case, People's Power is demanding the immediate release of all those unjustly imprisoned in the Coimbatore blast case.

18,850 Textile units go on strike to protest against rising yarn prices! People’s power support this !

Today, if the price of cotton and yarn rises, many small and medium size cotton manufacturers will become non-functional and the workers will become jobless.

Rising suicides due to unemployment and overburdened debt: Working people under the grip of demonic fascist rule!

“it was due to the corona lockdown that unemployment had increased; Now the situation has improved’’ - The BJP supporters are saying that everything has become ‘prosperous’.

Is expelling working class people from the city and setting up Shed for cow, the Dravidian model?

it has been reported that the Tamilnadu government is planning to set up a cow shed on a 25 acres land. Makkal Adhikaram strongly condemns the DMK government's move to set up this shed.

View of New Democracy: BJP & AAP Electrol Victory !

BJP is just a political tool to the RSS. The RSS may also use another political party as its tool.


SriLanka offers great hope that the RSS-BJP Modi-Amit shah-Ambani-Adani saffron-corporate fascist mob, which divides India along religious and caste lines and commits violence, will be overthrown.

Kavuthi – Vediyappan twin hills : Continuing protests against corporate plundering !

the District Collector said “We will not hesitate to arrest you under the Goondas Act if you are doing something against the government”. Not only that, he also threatened the people by narrating the Sterlite shooting incident.

Saffron fascists endeavour to set foot in Tamilnadu

If the danger of saffron fascism is to be defeated at the outset, both ideologically and practically, the revolutionary and democratic forces of Tamilnadu must act vigorously.

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