Monday, June 17, 2024

Implementation of CAA: Cowards’ Terrorism

The Modi – Shah mob is unable to sustain the image that it strives to build peace and stability in the country because of its intensifying terror acts against the people. They cannot stop the world from frowning that there is no peace in India.

First opposition against Ram temple in Tamil Nadu is from us!

The fact is that as long as anti-Brahminism remains the lifeline of Tamil culture, the RSS-BJP fascists will not be able to control us.

January 22: Inauguration of Ram Temple! Key to Hindu Rashtra!

People's Power asks the people to raise their voice on January 22 against this injustice done to the Muslims and against the Modi - Amit Shah fascist mob that is turning the country into a Hindu Rashtra, and act as a bulwark against fascism in Tamil Nadu.

APAAR ‘One nation, One Student ID’: The country becoming an open-air fascist prison!

The objective of the fascist Modi government is to transform the people into mere numbers and intensify exploitation and oppression. This "APAAR" ID card is to implement it among the students.

2024 Parliamentary Election: No BJP, Need democracy! | Pamphlet

Ban RSS, Sang Parivar mobs like BJP, Gau Raksha Dal, Bajrang Dal, Hanuman Sena, V.H.P...!

Brushes dripping red to expunge saffronization

50 paintings under the theme “Brushes dripping red to expunge saffronization” were showcased by the students of Government College of Fine Arts, Periyamedu, Chennai, to condemn the fascistic brutality that took place in Manipur.

‘One Nation’: Tamil Nadu resists!

Tamil Nadu’s blow to RN Ravi should be a warning to the RSS-BJP mob, which is of the view that ‘there are no strong forces in the political arena who can oppose us’ and that ‘we can establish a Hindu Rashtra without any hindrance’.

Tripura Model Electoral Violence: Lessons the Fascists teach us!

The fascists are making the opposition parties realize that their wish of defeating the fascists in the electoral arena is impossible. The fascists should be combated politically, ideologically and organisationally by organising the masses outside the spheres of elections.

Fascist Forces Encircling: Tamil Nadu won’t fall! Fight Relentlessly! | Pamphlet

Many states of the country are suppressed. Some states had adhered. What is Tamil Nadu going to do? What are we, the Tamil people, going to do?

New Democracy – March 2023 | Magazine

New Democracy March – 2023 Printed issue has now published. We ask readers and comrades to buy, read and support.



Rahul stripped of his MP seat: Yesterday it was Freedom of Speech! Today it’s MP post! Tomorrow Election itself!

This is not an attack on an individual MP named Rahul Gandhi; Hereafter, if anyone raises their voice in the Parliament against the RSS, the BJP or against corporate dacoits like Ambani, Adani, Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, or against Narendra Modi, they too will be thrown out of the Parliament in the same manner.

Mentioning of the Malayaha Tamils as Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka has planned motives | NDMLP, Sri Lanka

It has made a series of demands to the government to recognise the Malayaha Tamils as one of the four nationalities. We have been struggling for this demand since the 1990s.

‘Freebie’ Antagonism and Abolition of Social Welfare Schemes!

Implementing the policies of privatization – liberalization – globalization and turning the country into a hunting ground for corporate capitalists; opening up the natural resources and human labour to the plundering; privatization of the services sector; completely halting all welfare schemes: this is the plan of the ruling classes to recolonize the country.

Remembering the 25th anniversary of the revolutionary marriage ceremonies!

Revolutionary organisations have been planning and staging these revolutionary marriage ceremonies from the very beginning, claiming that one of the ways of eradicating caste is the self-caste – untouchability denial revolutionary marriages. In 1997, during the anti-caste – anti-untouchability movement, seven couples in Villupuram were served a beef feast by organizing a caste-untouchability denial, revolutionary marriage ceremony.

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