Implementation of CAA: Cowards’ Terrorism

The Modi – Shah mob is unable to sustain the image that it strives to build peace and stability in the country because of its intensifying terror acts against the people. They cannot stop the world from frowning that there is no peace in India.

In a very hectic situation, the Ministry of Home Affairs, quite unexpectedly, notified the Citizenship (Amendment) Rules 2024 via a gazette notification on March 11. No details regarding the time frame within which one should apply for citizenship is provided.

The Modi mob orchestrated this attack on Muslims on the day of beginning of the ‘holy’ Ramadan (Ramzan) fasting. This is an act of terror by the Modi – Shah mob which intimidates not only the Muslims but also the crores of people of the country. This act is in par with the bloodlust Israel’s bombing on the Palestinian people.

Their immediate goal is to create chaos in the country by diverting people’s attention from the Supreme Court’s deadline on the SBI to disclose the electoral bond details by the evening of March 12.

However, the notification regarding the implementation of the CAA is not just a diversion tactic, but an attempt to intensify the religious polarisation. Modi is touted as a “hero of development” in south India; while in north India “Hindurashtra” is being promoted. But these approaches had failed. So, the fascist cowards, who are on the verge of despair, have unleashed this fascist attack on Muslims.

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Many say that Amit Shah had earlier said that the law will be implemented before the Lok Sabha elections. But this act cannot be so simplified.

The fascist mob has plans to unleash many such attacks on the people and the opposition. It unleashes one whenever the situation demands. The Modi – Shah mob expects people, majority of whom remain unorganised, and the opposition, who rely only on the broken and torn legal process and do not want people to enter the fields of protest, to suffer.

However, the Modi – Shah mob could not prevent their terror acts making global headlines. This is the time when the world is eagerly waiting for the announcement of poll dates for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 in India. Whatever happens now in India will make world headlines. Supreme Court declaring the electoral bonds as unconstitutional right before the announcement of poll dates; sudden resignation of Election Commissioner Arun Goel; the Supreme Court’s deadline for disclosure of electoral bond details – are being observed by millions worldwide.

Now, at a time when SBI has been given a deadline to disclose details of electoral bonds, the announcement of implementation of the CAA has attracted the most attention.

Those who have followed the Modi – Shah mob’s recent activities can understand this.

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On March 7, Indian External Affairs Minister went to Japan, a close and longstanding ally of India. He assured Japan that there is a stable government in India and it could last for another 20 years.

After the inauguration of the Ram temple, the Modi mob tried to establish the idea that “India is a Hindu nation”. This was strongly opposed by many Islamic nations. The Indian government has been trying to improve business relations to benefit Ambani and Adani by forging closer ties with Islamic nations by inaugurating Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi; holding talks with the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

The Modi – Shah mob is unable to sustain the image that it strives to build peace and stability in the country because of its intensifying terror acts against the people. They cannot stop the world from frowning that there is no peace in India.

The people who are victims of Hindu chauvinism and stricken by the propaganda of the Sanghis in the cow belt may consider Modi as a national hero and vote for him. The opposition may fight within the boundaries drawn by the Modi – Shah mob. But for the working people, it would be hell.

That is why farmers are besieging Delhi; now the Muslims are on the streets; students and democratic forces have started gathering on the field of protests in support of them.

Even though its “face of defeat” is heading towards a crushing defeat, the Modi – Shah mob has maintained its face through brute power. Fearing defeat, it is now unveiling terror attacks.

Of course, Hindu polarisation will not succeed. But bureaucratic power along with money power is providing the Modi – Shah mob the guts to act so decisively. The fascist mob’s strength has not yet diminished, but the people’s protests won’t spare it!

(This article was first published in Tamil on March 12)


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