Thursday, March 9, 2023

Morbi Bridge Collapse: A Massacre of Gujarat Model!

The Gujarat model is a paradise for the dominant caste Gujarati-Marwadi-Patel-Bania corporate bosses. But it is a graveyard for the working people.

Imperialism at a dead end! It’s time for the world proletariat...

The slogans against NATO show that the workers are beginning to understand the wickedness of the ruling classes, despite the instilling of jingoism by the ruling classes to overshadow the popular discontent.

ஹிண்டன்பர்க் அறிக்கை: அதானி-மோடி கூட்டுக்களவானிதனம் அம்பலம் || கேலிச்சித்திரம்

உழைக்கும் மக்களையும் இயற்கைவளங்களையும் சுரண்டியே உலக பணக்காரன் தரவரிசையில் முன்னிலைக்கு வந்திருக்கிறார் அதானி.

Shraddha murder case: Recolonization Destroying Human Values!

Socialism is the only way to rescue the society and ourselves from this mess. It is only through the struggle to create that noble society, human values will be restored and recolonization shall be destroyed.

New Democracy – January 2023 | Magazine

New Democracy January - 2023 Printed issue has now published. We ask readers and comrades to buy, read and support.

Iran’s Anti-Hijab protests: A democratic war!

The anti-hijab protest is a struggle between the religious mob that rules Iran and the democracy-desiring working people of the country. The protests will not cease until the working people win their rights.

Rishi Sunak: A hybrid form of Fascism!

Why should Rishi be elected among the many in the Conservative Party. Because Rishi is a hybrid fascistic mixture of England’s conservatism and Indian sanatanism; That is why Rishi was chosen.

‘Twitter 2.0’ – Propaganda Machine of Fascists!

With white supremacist and conservative Elon Musk taking over Twitter, fascists of all colours are thrilled that they have now found a propaganda machine to spread their ideas seamlessly.

Thriving Fascists: Betrayal of ‘Socialists’!

Concealing that the pro-corporate policies are responsible for the deprivation of the people's livelihoods, far-right fascist cliques are seeking to return to power again by inducing racism, jingoism, religious and ethnic hatred.

Portraits of Marx, Lenin, Periyar, Phule vandalized in the JNU! |...

People’s Power is demanding for the dismissal of the goons who attacked the Tamil students, and to ban the fascist ABVP in the JNU.

Adani: An enemy of the World Proletariat!

Since 2014, the Adani Group has not only expanded its plundering across India, but has also been expanding its plundering in many countries of the world. There have also been mass protests against Adani’s plundering in Australia and Sri Lanka.

Adani – The Bandit who robbed India! | People’s Power

People’s Power is declaring that the Ambani – Adani fascist clique which plunders the people and the country, and the RSS – BJP; Modi – Amit Shah fascist clique which is sacrificing the entire country to the corporate fascist clique as enemies of the people.

Adani Namo Namaha!

The constant seizure of drugs in that port does not seem like a coincidence; doubts also arise as to whether Adani and the international drug mafia have a collusion; the upcoming days may answer this question!

பாட்டாளி வர்க்க ஆசான் தோழர் ஸ்டாலினின் பிறந்த நாளை உயர்த்திப்பிடிப்போம்! | கவிதை –...

உனது செம்படை இன்னும் உலக முதலாளித்துவ ஓநாய்களுக்கு அச்சுறுத்துலாகவே இருக்கிறது…ஏனென்றால், நீ ஒரு சர்வாதிகாரி அல்லவா! ஆம், முதலாளித்துவத்தைக் கொல்லவந்த பாட்டாளி வர்க்க பிரதிநிதியின் சர்வாதிகாரி!

Conspiracy to reopen the murderous Sterlite! Let’s support the struggling Tuticorin...

The People's power strongly condemns the anti-people media which has been doing injustice to the people and land of Tuticorin by publishing advertisements of Vedanta Sterlite Corporate Company.

அண்மை பதிவுகள்