‘One nation, One Student ID’ initiative stemming from the New Education Policy:
The country becoming an open-air fascist prison!

RSYF Condemns

A few days ago, the Union government, as a part of the new National Education Policy 2020, announced that the students across the country will be given a unique identification number and it will be introduced under the name of “Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR)”.

For this, a notice was issued to hold discussions by October 18 with Teachers, Parents, Educationists and state officials.

It has been mentioned that this Identity card will be issued to the students from class I to class XII and it would include all the captured Aadhaar data.

Educationists and professors are condemning this. They say that the government’s claim that it is being introduced to detect and prevent student dropouts is just an eyewash.

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Commenting on this, educationist Prince Gajendra Babu said that creating an optimal educational structure and environment that is suitable for students will reduce dropouts and that the problem will not be solved just by providing an Identity number.

It is clear that the aim of the government is not to reduce dropouts.  Then why this Identity number is being brought?

An example may be relevant here.  The government said that that the subsidies provided to the people are not going directly into their hands;  Officials and politicians are engaging in corrupt practices;  The Aadhaar will prevent it.  But today, the subsidies were reduced to nothing. Tomorrow the government may say that they will directly give subsidy to buy groceries outside of the ration shops.

People’s bank accounts are opened using Aadhaar and every activity, from buying daily goods and medicines to business is being monitored,.  This data collected through Aadhaar is used to market products of corporate companies and intensify surveillance to quell public dissent.

Similarly, a few days ago, the fascist Modi government has announced that it will be installing surveillance cameras in more than 250 railway stations.  These surveillance cameras are said to help and identify who is entering the railway stations by scanning the iris line, and to arrest criminals.

Such fascist measures will give every opportunity to stop, arrest or detain anyone who speaks for the people at these railway stations.

The objective of the fascist Modi government is to transform the people into mere numbers and intensify exploitation and oppression.  This “APAAR” ID card is to implement it among the students.

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Through this, students’ characteristics and their activities can be monitored.  Every data would be collected, including who are all vocal against the privatization and corporatization of education and fee robbery.  Recently, the President of the students’ union (AISA) was brutally assaulted by the university administration for questioning democratic rights in Allahabad University. Such students may be ignored for government jobs in future.

It is an old trend that those who got convicted in criminal cases cannot get a job. The Modi government is creating a new trend that all those who are democratic and concerned about the society and welfare of the people will be ignored. We should remember that a student from Tamil Nadu was denied the department of his choice and kept out of the university for questioning the ABVP mob who vandalized Periyar’s portrait in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Also, by providing numbers like APAAR, laws like CAA, NRC can be easily implemented.  Muslims can be punished by making them into second class citizens of the country.

Aren’t we witnessing the country being turned into an open air prison?

Yes; we are. If not, we will soon be turned into numbers and crawl as slaves. Even prison inmates are given identification numbers only during their jail sentence. But, if identification numbers are permanent, from birth to death, then where are we living?

We cannot break the shackles of slavery without smashing the RSS – BJP;  Ambani – Adani fascism, which is propagating rapidly.

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Revolutionary Students – Youth Front,
Tamil Nadu.
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