Portraits of Marx, Lenin, Periyar, Phule vandalized in the JNU!

Let’s put an end to the atrocities of fascist RSS – ABVP goons!

People’s Power condemns!

The portraits of Marx, Lenin, Periyar, Phule installed at the students’ union office of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi are vandalized by the RSS’s student arm ABVP. The gathered ABVP members wrote on the wall that “communists be hanged” and “Savarkar”. They attacked the Tamil students who questioned this.

The students of the JNU have been continuously protesting against the fascistic actions of the Modi government. The fascist ABVP goons are attacking the students in order to eliminate the dissent.

The fascist mob which attacked the Kerala students a few days ago is now attacking the Tamil students. The students who propagate leftist thoughts are being threatened and the portraits of Marx, Lenin, Periyar, Phule are vandalized. People’s Power strongly condemns this.

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People’s Power is demanding for the dismissal of the goons who attacked the Tamil students, and to ban the fascist ABVP in the JNU.

BJP and the RSS’s student arm ABVP were never ordinary political outfits. They are fascist outfits. Annihilating democratic and revolutionary thoughts is their primary obligation. People’s Power is demanding the Tamil Nadu government to ban the fascist organizations including RSS, BJP and ABVP.

With Comradeship,
Comrade Marudhu,
People’s Power.
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