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How to defeat fascist BJP in the elections? || Booklet

People’s concern is how to defeat the BJP in the upcoming elections. The democratic forces believe in voting for the “INDIA” alliance. But, for the people to believe the same, what should be done? It is in this question, the answer to “how to defeat BJP in the elections” lies.


Dear working people,

The 2024 parliamentary elections have been announced. This election will decide the future of the country.

The fascist Modi – Amit Shah mob, which looted India over the past decade, is looking to secure a third term. It is striving to win 370 seats i.e. crossing the two-thirds majority mark.

To achieve this feat, the fascist mob is indulging in various conspiratorial and fraudulent acts through the RSS mob infiltrated into the State structure.

Suppressing the opposition through the Election Commission and Enforcement Directorate; rigging elections using EVMs; deceived the North with Hindutva and the South by highlighting ‘growth’; Spreading exaggerated fanciful news, fake news and portraying Modi as a national leader; spreading rumours through Sangh Parivar mob, increasing anti-Muslim hate speech campaigns, meticulously planned attacks on the people and the opposition parties; instilling fear and panic; are only a few examples of the fascist activities of the Modi – Amit Shah mob.

The Election Commission of India had devised the dates for the upcoming parliamentary elections based on Modi’s election campaign; State Bank of India tried to save the Modi – Amit Shah mob by going against the Supreme Court’s order in disclosing details pertaining to the electoral bonds; the arrest of Telangana’s Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader Kavitha using the Enforcement Directorate; arrest of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal; freezing of bank accounts of the Indian National Congress by the IT department: these recent activities of the Modi – Amit Shah mob showcases that they would go to any extent to win the elections.


How to defeat fascist BJP in the elections?

People’s Art and Literary Association,
Revolutionary Students – Youth Front,
New Democratic Labour Front (State Co-ordination Committee),
People’s Power,
Tamil Nadu – Puducherry.

First Published: March 2024
English Translation: April 2024

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