2024 Parliamentary Election: No BJP, Need democracy! | Pamphlet

Ban RSS, Sang Parivar mobs like BJP, Gau Raksha Dal, Bajrang Dal, Hanuman Sena, V.H.P...!

Down with RSS – BJP; Ambani – Adani Fascism!

Fascist Forces Encircling:
Tamil Nadu Won’t fall, Fight Relentlessly!

2024 Parliamentary Election:
No BJP, Need democracy!

Let’s take it to 10 million people in Tamilnadu!

Hall Meetings

September 2023 | Chennai – Virudhachalam – Thiruvarur –
Madurai – Tirunelveli – Coimbatore

P.A.L.A | R.S.Y.F | N.D.L.F | People’s Power
Tamil Nadu – Puducherry

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2024 Parliamentary Election:
No BJP, Need democracy!

  • Repeal NEET, CUET and New Education Policy!
  • Abolish GST!
  • Repeal CAA, NRC and NPR!
  • Abolish the Draconian Laws like UAPA! Dismantle the NIA!
    Repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA)!
    Withdraw false cases against Eelam Tamil militants,
    social activists and Muslims!
  • Release all political prisoners unconditionally!
  • Stop the oppression on
    Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Tribals!
  • Stop the corporate mob’s control in pricing of
    Gas Cylinder, Petrol and Diesel!
  • Withdraw Pro-corporate Projects
    like Methane Project, Parandur Airport, Ennore Port, Sagarmala, Bharatmala…
    that plunder Ocean Resources, Natural Resources and
    destroy agriculture and environment!
  • Enact a special law to ban Sterlite permanently!
  • Shut down TASMAC!
  • Release Tamil Eelam people from Refugee Camps!
    And provide Citizenship!
  • Don’t impose corporate dominance in agriculture!
    Ban genetically modified seeds!
    Power to the farmers to determine the Crop prices!
  • Repeal the new Labour Codes which
    convert the working class into modern serfs!
    Establish the right to form Unions, eight-hour workday!
    Abolish contract system!
  • Stop privatization in public sectors like
    Banks, Railways, LIC…!
  • Let’s break the corporate dominance
    and Foreign investment in retail business!
  • Don’t impose Hindi! Treat all languages ​​equally!
  • Recognize the special status of Kashmir!
  • Let’s establish the right to Self-determination
    for all nationalities!
    Let’s build an India
    based on the will of the Nationalities!
  • Abolish the governor system!
  • Quit the QUAD!
    Stop the war-frenzy arms build-up!
  • Corrupt and opportunist parties like AIADMK, Kamal Haasan, Kumaraswamy… who act as backdoor to the fascist forces!
  • Let’s drive out casteist, racist parties like NTK, PMK, Puthiya Tamilagam, Owaisi
    which act as fifth column of the RSS mob!
  • Ban RSS, Sang Parivar mobs like
    BJP, Gau Raksha Dal, Bajrang Dal, Hanuman Sena, V.H.P…!
  • Let’s seize the assets of Marwari, Gujarati, Brahmin, Baniya corporates
    like Ambani, Adani, Agarwal…!
  • Fascism can’t be defeated through this Constitution
    as it provides liberty to the fascists
  • Let’s build a people’s uprising for a Constitution that
    gives power to the people;
    prevents the resurgence of fascist forces;
    establishes an Anti-Fascist democracy
  • Let’s Abolish the existing Dual system of Government
    and establish a body of Elected representatives of the people
    having the power to make laws and enforce them!
    Give the people the right to recall elected representatives!
  • Smash Hindu Rashtra!
    Establishing an Anti-Fascist Democratic Republic
    is the only solution!

People’s Art and Literary Association,
Revolutionary Students – Youth Front,
New Democratic Labour Front (State Coordination Committee),
People’s Power,
Tamil Nadu – Puducherry.
9791653200, 9444836642,
7397404242, 996236631


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