Fascist Forces Encircling: Tamil Nadu won’t fall! Fight Relentlessly! | Pamphlet

Many states of the country are suppressed. Some states had adhered. What is Tamil Nadu going to do? What are we, the Tamil people, going to do?

Dear Working People!

Tamil Nadu always been a protesting site, then and now.
The name itself is a protesting weapon.
Yes, “Long Live Tamil Nadu!”
This has been the slogan of Tamil Nadu people during Pongal.

Not just election, Hindi also represent power.
This is known to Amit Shah.
And the Tamil Nadu people also understand it well.

The saffron mob was stunned
by the protests that took place in Tamil Nadu.
“Anti-Hindi sentiments have not yet faded”
This has shocked them.
Yes, Tamil Nadu is still protesting,
And we should be proud of that.

The ideology of Hindu – Hindi – India
is not only anti-Tamil Nadu, but also anti-Tamil
Tholkappiyam, Tirukkural, Sitham,
Samarasa Sanmarga – Tamil tradition
Yes, these are anti-Veda anti-brahminist tradition.

We seized Karnataka,
Next is Tamil Nadu and Kerala
cackled Modi-Amit Shah mob
But years passed by
In Tamil Nadu, BJP is wobbling
even to save the party.
Journey that started in Karnataka,
got stagnated in Karnataka.
Because, this is Tamil Nadu.

RSS rallies in every district
to instigate riots;
spread ethnic hate against
North Indian workers and Arunthathiyars;

Manu Dharma dishonouring women
Empty screams to arrest
Thiruma and A Raja who roared against it;
Creating panics through
Kovai car cylinder blast – Islamic terrorism;
Rumours on religious conversion when a
girl student died.. nothing worked.
Because, this is Tamil Nadu.

Arjun Sampath mob tried
saffronising Ambedkar
and tried to garland him.
Tamil Nadu gave them slipper shots.
Saffron fascist mob was shocked.

Saffron mob born in Tamil Nadu
tries to proselytize Tamil and Thiruvalluvar.
They have a treacherous mind.
Saffron mob pretends to give up
their lives for the sake of Tamil.
This is a Brahministic trick to persuade.

Sama, Dana, Beda, Danda were used
against Tamil Nadu
by the RSS mob.
But these became ineffective
like shooting with a bubble gun.
Because, this is Tamil Nadu.

But, the RSS – BJP; Ambani – Adani fascist mob
haven’t given up.

Parandur airport, Chennai-Salem eight-lane expressway,
hydrocarbon projects to destroy the delta…
Numerous such projects are carried out
to destroy farming in Tamil Nadu.

Thoothukudi Sterlite is for Agarwal..
Katupalli Port is for Adani..
Kavuthi-Vediyappan Hills is for Jindal..
Numerous Marwari, Gujarati, Sindhi, Brahmin, Baniya corporates
are exploiting the country.

A spy called RN Ravi
is the Governor of Tamil Nadu
The spies are infiltrating in
Police, Judiciary and civil administration.
Caste associations, rowdy mobs,
YouTube and cinema celebrities…
The sanghi mob tied everything
to penetrate Tamil Nadu.

The Modi – Nimmi mob is sucking
the blood of the states through GST,
and giving it as feast to
Ambani and Adani.
The backbones of the states are broken by
turning the workers into bonded labourers,
turning the farmers into dead meat,
throwing away fishermen and tribals,
amending hundreds of laws.

Through new laws like NEET, New Education Policy
the nervous system of states are being cut.
Imposing its fascist One Language, One Culture, One Religion
by destroying various linguistic, ethnic and cultural specialties.

The fascist mob roars 2024, One Nation One Election
is the establishment of Hindu Rashtra fascist monarchy
Ambani, Agarwal, Adani will be the Gods.
The RSS – BJP will be its foot soldiers.

Many states of the country are suppressed.
Some states had adhered.
What is Tamil Nadu going to do?
What are we, the Tamil people, going to do?

This is the soil of Tamil Sangams.
This is the soil where Siddhar, Valluvar and Vallalar lived.
This is where Periyar built his self-respect force.
This is the land which said “Pirappokkum ellaa uyirkkum” (By birth all are equal).
Keezhadi and Adichanallur are our traditions.

Pulithevan, Ondiveeran, Kattabomman, Velu Nachiyar, Marudhu Brothers,
Chinnamalai, Sundaralinganar, Azhagumuthu Kon, VOC, Singaravelu…
Our conscience for liberation is strong.

These discrete traditions of Tamil Nadu
act as as the nightmare of the RSS mob.

Let’s pledge on May 1,
The proletarian historical victory day!

Let’s make RSS’s nightmares come true!
Let’s the streets resound with:
Tamil Nadu won’t fall,
Fight relentlessly!


Let’s smash RSS – BJP; Ambani – Adani Fascism!
Let’s establish Anti-Fascist Democratic Republic!

  • RSS infiltration will destroy
    Mother tongue and
  • Let’s uproot Hindi hegemony!
    Let’s uphold Tamil!
  • Let’s reject Hindu – Hindi – Hindurashtra which is against various nationality – ethnicity – culture
  • Let’s vanquish the attacks on Muslims, Christians and Dalits who are treated as second class citizens!
  • Let’s chase away the RSS – BJP,
    the henchmen of Marwari, Gujarati, Brahmin, Baniya corporates!
    Let’s uphold the anti-aryan anti-brahminist tradition of
    Valluvar, Vallalar, Siddhar, Periyar, Ambedkar!
  • Let’s take the tradition of freedom struggle of Pulithevan,
    Ondiveeran, Kattabomman, Velu Nachiyar, Marudhu Brothers,
    Dheeran Chinnamalai, Sundaralingam, Tipu Sultan, VOC, Singaravelu!
    Let’s smash Privatisation – Liberalisation – Globalisation!
  • Let’s get rid of the myths on pseudo -democratic structure!
    Let’s struggle to establish an anti-Fascist Democratic Republic!

On May 1!
Proletarian historical victory day!
Down with RSS – BJP; Ambani – Adani Fascism!

Fascist Forces Encircling:
Tamil Nadu won’t fall!
Fight Relentlessly!

Rally – Conference – Cultural Event
Palangantham, Near Natraj Theatre,

We welcome all the revolutionary and democratic forces!

People’s Art and Literary Association,
Revolutionary Students – Youth Front,
New Democratic Labour Front (State Coordination Committee),
People’s Power,
Tamil Nadu – Puducherry.

9791653200, 9444836642,
7397404242, 996236631


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