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முகப்புஇதரEnglishGST : Bolo Bharath Mathaki Jai! PALA’s new song - English subtitle

GST : Bolo Bharath Mathaki Jai! PALA’s new song – English subtitle


GST – Bolo Bharath mathaki jai! PALA’s new song !

Dear Friends,

“ Goods and Services Tax – One nation, One Market, One Tax “ is the latest Slogan of Prime minister Narendra Modi , Which was highlighted as a great leap for ‘Vikas’ (Growth). Once GST is implemented and mandated, it created a big chaos in midst of  small and medium level traders and service providers. It affected them directly and they have lost a lot of business to the corporates and big players.

The so called Modi’s Gujarat itself shown its back to GST. The small traders all around Gujarat have staged number of protests to insist that GST must be withdrawn.  Surat stages a Mass rally and protest  against GST. Not only in Gujarat, it happened all over in India. In Tamilnadu, Power loom and Handloom Weavers, small spinning mill owners, Crackers manufacturers and sellers everybody went on strike.

Over all, the country’s GDP fell down to the 5 years Low condition, despite the ‘Zumlas’ given by Arun Jaitley and Modi. The economic status of the country forced even the ‘Sanghis’ to criticise their own government’s  GST implementation.

The existing tax system saved the small traders and small business people to some extent from the Big companies and corporates  by levying excise Duty for  Big players. Now the Level playing field set by the Modi’s GST made the small player get vanished from the business.

Also the ordinary people face a huge increase in the price of the commodities. Hotel bills, the very essential medicine prices also have got overshoot due to GST. BJP tries to crush down the voices aginst GST. A very good example is the recently released Tamil movie ’Mersal’ in which, BJP threatened the Producer and Actor of the Movie to remove some dialogues which criticized GST. But due to the people’s resistance in Tamilnadu and all over India, they temporarily shut their doors.

This song is from People’s Arts and Literaty Association (PALA), a revolutionary (Marxist-Leninst) cultural mass organization.  This song exposes the high rate of GST for the goods used by the poor and low rate for the elite goods  in India . It explains the impacts of GST implementation on small traders  and small business men.  It questions legitimacy and existence of the government , as the people are forced to get the services like education, medicine and road services for money while also paying heavy taxes.

Previously , PALA has released songs on various social issues, Communal, Caste and Class discriminations. PALA’s singer comrade Kovan, is well known all over India for the arrest over his songs against the Tasmac liquor shops in Tamilnadu namely, “Oorukooru saaraayam” and “Moodu tasmac-a moodu” songs. He has been arrested under section 124A (Sedition charges).

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Song Lyrics :

GST GST bolo bharat matha ki jai
This is integration, BJP’s  bet
They nail this down Into your head
Modi steals the money from beggar’s alms
And makes his pizza – has no qualms

Lolly pop, cookies even mud bowls under GST
Dish out rupees ten,  merely for a cup of tea
My wife and her napkin, folks,
Can’t escape modi’s dragnet.

Australia just 10%
America mere 8%
Our 56 inch Modiji, achieves 28%
Gold biscuit 3%
Wheat biscuit 8%
Burger pizza 5%
Idly dosa 18%
Robber? crook? Cheat?
Yet, he is very very intelligent!

He killed cottage industries
Slit the throats of weavers
With taxes, people are whipped
and are bleeding white
this is ambani ka sircar – quite right.

Water – we pay
Jobs – we hunt
Education – we buy
Toll – we cough up
Health – we exhaust
Tax – we pay
But you prattle
You are the government !

One monkey cycles in a circus
Thousand people pay GST
Dance to a folk rhythm
You end up paying GST
Tax for the shamiana in a funeral
Even the dead can’t escape GST
Knife is mine, face is yours
Who is modi to demand service tax?

One nation –  One Tax
Vande mathram !  This is plain Banditry
No checkposts, No signals
The whole loot is delivered at the doors of the Centre
Mortuary for the rights of the States!
Folks, they call it integration!
National and International!
Bolo Bharat matha ki jai.

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