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Anti Modi campaign by PALA in Tamil Nadu – Press Release


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Anti Modi campaign by PALA in Tamil Nadu – Press Release


Gujarat Muslim genocide criminal !
Henchman of Tatas and Ambanis !
Hindutva fascist!
Rajapakse of India!

Public meeting to expose Modi.

Narendra Modi has been anointed BJP’s prime minister candidate ahead of 2014 general elections. As part of BJP’s campaign, a state level “Ilam Thamarai Manadu (Young Lotus Conference)” is being organized in Tamil Nadu, to be held on September 26, 2013 in Trichy. BJP which does not have any political base in Tamil Nadu is trying to whip up communal politics using Modi’s visit.

Revolutionary (marxist-leninist) mass organizations People’s Art and Literary Association (PALA), Revolutionary Students and Youth Front (RSYF), New Democratic Labour Front (NDLF), Women’s Liberation Front (WLF) and Peasants Liberation Front (PLF) have started a movement against Modi and Hindutva fascist forces.

As part of this movement our comrades have been conducting propaganda work using songs, street plays, leaflets, audio CDs, street corner meetings, posters, banners and mobile vans in Trichy city and surrounding districts for the past 10 days. In some places, BJP workers tried to disrupt our propaganda which was successfully resisted by the comrades.

As a key event of this anti Modi propaganda movement, a public meeting was held in Trichy on 22.09.2013. More than 5,000 people, including a significant number of Muslims, took part in this meeting organized within a short timeframe.

NDLF state president Comrade Mugunthan presided over the meeting.

Comrade Charuvahan from RSYF shared their experiences during propaganda work among students ahead of the public meeting. RSYF workers explained to the students that RSYF and other revolutionary organizations struggled for implementation of common syllabus to oppose privatization of education, conduct movement to resist exorbitant fees collection by private educational institutions and also mobilized students demanding Right to Self-determination for Eelam Tamils. On all these issues BJP was working against students interests and aligned with the ruling class.

Human Rights Protection Council (HRPC) state co-ordinator Comrade C Raju, exposed the campaign by Modi’s PR machinery. “The PR machinery deliberately builds up a false image of Modi as development man. The aim of this meeting is to unmask this scam and expose Modi’s true colours.

In 2002, Modi instructed Gujarat police to facilitate systematic killing of Muslims by Hindutva mobs. Innocents were butchered, women were raped, children and infants knifed mercilessly.

The crimes committed by Modi on Gujarat muslims are no less than those committed by Rajapakse on Eelam Tamils. Sangh Parivar activists boasted about their crimes on Tehelka camera. Supreme Court said that it lost faith in Gujarat justice delivery system and termed Modi as modern day Nero.

To cover up all these crimes, BJP’s propaganda machinery is working overtime. The movement we conduct in Tamil Nadu against its lies will be a trend setter for the whole country. Modi should be tried for his role in the pogrom against muslims in Gujarat.”

PALA state General Secretary Comrade Maruthaiyan spoke next :

“BJP and Sangh parivar organizations believe that Modi is talented and prime minister material. They want everyone to accept their faith without questions, without analysis. Using similar logic they demolished Babri Masjid in 1992 based on their belief that Ram was born in the exact place a few lakh years back.

Now, they conduct massive propaganda to win over youth who are not aware of BJP’s past and history.

In Tamil nadu, PALA and associated revolutionary organizations have been consistently and continuously conducting anti-Hindutva movements and struggles since early 1990s. 1992 burning of Ram’s effigy as protector of Varnasrma and caste dharma, 1993 Srirangam sanctum sanctorum entry struggle, Tamil people music festival conducted against brahminical hindutva cultural hegemony, and 2003 Anti Brahminical Hindu Terrorism Conference in response to Gujarat riots are some of the major movements undertaken by our organizations.

Tamil Nadu has a rich tradition of anti Brahminical (anti Hindutva) movement by Periyar E V Ramasamy (Thanthai Periyar). However, when BJP came to power at the center in late 1990s using religious hatred and riots as tools, parties of Tamil Nadu who claim to be the inheritors of Dravidian anti Brahminical tradition such as DMK, ADMK, MDMK and PMK gave support to the BJP led government. This gave legitimacy to Hindutva politics in Tamil Nadu.  During 2002 Gujarat anti muslims riots, these parties remained silent and continued their support to NDA government.

BJP’s rise to power was inseparably linked to dividing the society on communal lines. Parallel to Rajiv Gandhi initiated Privitization program of 1980s, right wing religious politics reared its head. Re-colonization policies were continued by Narasimha Rao government and then Finance Minister Manmohan Singh. NDA which was in power during 1999-2004 deepened and broadened liberalization and privitation of Indian economy. Massive scams witnessed over past 15 years are the result of privitization of national resources under these economic policies. BJP which is also part of this process, does not have the right to criticize Congress for these scams. Only revolutionary organizations resist and oppose LPG policies from the beginning.

In 2004 elections, BJP conducted India Shining campaign and Congress came to power talking about Aam Aadhmi. Manmohan Singh was projected as saviour of Indian economy by ruling classes. The government led by Manmohan Singh served the interests of Indian and multinational capitalists for more than 9 years. Now, these capitalists  are dissatisfied with the pace of Manmohan Singh government. Hence, they need a strong man who can implement policies favourable to them with iron hand. They want a fascist who will ruthlessly suppress people’s struggles against Re-colonization programs. In Modi who presided over mass killings during 2002 riots, they found such a person.

When people of West Bengal struggled against taking over of farmers’ land in Singur for Tata Nano project, Modi welcomed Tata to Gujarat and gifted land worth thousands of crores of rupees for a fraction of their market value. Buddadeb Bhattacharya lost power in West Bengal for land grab, but Modi is lauded as an achiever for the same crime. When Maruti’s Manesar plant workers protested against inhuman treatment by Suzuki management, democratic forces all over India criticized Suzuki. But, Modi rushed to Japan to meet with Suzuki owners and invited them to set up their plant in Gujarat. This is the achivement of Modi.

These are the reasons capitalists prefer Gujarat model of development. Modi’s Gujarat government trample on rights and livelihood of working class. The propaganda that Gujarat is the No 1 state is an unfiltered lie and scam. Statistics show that Gujarat lags other states in human development indicators and that its economic growth benefits only the wealthy.”

Comrade Maruthaiyan presented statistics and facts about the state of Gujarat under Narendra Modi to expose the lies of BJP’s propaganda machinery.

Revolutionary organizations continue their struggle to ensure that Hindutva forces are firmly kept out of Tamil Nadu politics.

People’s Arts and Literary Association,
Tamil Nadu

  1. great work! its much proper that the press release is given in english. comrades and friends, please spread it across to all non-Tamil students, IT professionals and journalists widely through FB and all other possible mediums. lets stand united with our Revolutionary Organizations and wipe out this ‘saffron criminal’.


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