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Get 100% Ready to Boycott


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Hello Friends,

It’s election time again. As IT professionals, we need answers to some important questions  :

boycott-election-ndlf-it-poster-41. A year back, TCS laid off 25,000 of its senior employees. It was followed by secret and illegal layoffs by several IT/ITES companies including Syntel, Vestas etc. Will voting in the election stop future layoffs? Will it guarantee job security for us? Can any of the political parties promise this to us?

2. Like Freedom of speech and expression, freedom of association is also a fundamental right guaranteed by Part III of our constitution. This right was won by the Indian working class  during British colonial rule. Are we in a position to exercise this right now? Can the election commission, which campaigns for 100% voting, ensure us 100% right to form Unions?  Even in US, employees of large corporates like IBM, Verizon have their own trade unions. But, in our country, IT Employees are denied the right to form unions. Is it democracy?

3. Remember the horrors of Chennai floods? Illegal encroachment of lakes, ponds and river beds by corporates and real estate mafia was the sole cause of that devastation. The encroachments were made with the connivance of politicians, government officials and the judiciary.

The government led by Jayalalithaa let out a huge amount of flood water, several times the carrying capacity of Adyar river, from Chembarambakkam lake in a single day. The state administration abjectly failed to provide rescue and relief to the affected people. Six months have passed, but encroachments of water bodies such as MIOT hospital, are not removed.

boycott-election-ndlf-it-poster-1Is the Govt really capable of saving us from a natural disaster? Is our vote capable of changing this situation?

4. Vaikuntharajan, the chieftain of the mineral sand mafia operating from Tuticorin district, has plundered mineral sand worth several lakh crores of rupees over the past 20 years. However, the courts have dismissed all the cases filed against him and have helpded him continue the plunder. Likewise P.R. Palanichami looted granite stones from Madurai district laying waste many hillocks, ponds and farm lands in villages. Mr.Sagayam an upright IAS officer was appointed by the high court to probe this scam. During his investigations, Sagayam slept in a grave-yard to prevent the police from destroying crucial evidence related to the case. After considerable effort, he submitted a lengthy report to the High Court.

But, a magistrate discharged P.R.P from several cases and went to the extent of ordering to initiate criminal proceedings against the district collector and the public prosecutor who dared to implicate P.R.P in criminal cases. Now P.R.Palanisamy is roaming free while Mr.Sagayam’s investigation report is gathering dust in the High Court. Almost all the political parties are in the payroll of P.R.P, Vaikuntharajan and the like. Are we going to vote for these parties who are agents to the plunderers of our country?

boycott-election-ndlf-it-poster-25. In the disproportionate assets case, Jayalalithaa was convicted by the special court after a prolonged legal battle. But, Justice Kumarasamy of the Karnataka High Court cooked up the case to set Jayalalithaa and her corrupt associates free. Justice Dattu of the Supreme court ensured their bail. Likewise, Vijay Mallya who swindled thousands of crores of rupees from public sector banks was helped by the politicians and bureaucrats to flee the country. In many such cases the judiciary is hand in gloves with the executive. Will voting in the elections help to punish these criminals and the judges who protect these criminals?

6. Election commission campaigns for ensuring 100% Voting.

Will 100% voting ensure 100% corruption free State? Can election commission guarantee this?
Will 100% voting ensure 100% job security for us? Can election commission guarantee this too?

Election commission boasts of conducting fair elections. But it lets corrupt politicians roam freely but curtails the rights of law abiding citizens. Election commission is an unelected body displaying dictatorial traits in the name of ensuring democracy to people.

7. Election Commission advises us to vote for honest candidates. Do you know any honest candidate contesting the elections? Will they be able to change anything in this system?
This system has lost even the semblance of democracy and is filled with criminals, crooks and rowdies. Whom should we elect?

boycott-election-ndlf-it-poster-38. These parties vying with each other to come to power, are they democratic? Most of the major parties are run like family run businesses
A.I.A.D.M.K – Jayalalithaa, Sasikala – Mannargudi mafia
D.M.K – Karunanidhi, Stalin, Kanimozhi, Maran family
D.M.D.K – Vijayakanth, Premalatha, Sutheesh family
P.M.K – Ramadoss, Anbumani, Sowmya family
How can they provide democratic governance to people?

9. A crore of money is a great deal of money for any average voter. But every major candidate spends several crores of rupees for the election. They treat this as an investment to be looted back during the next five years of power.
All parties are filled with corrupt business men, real estate mafia and rowdies. You only have to choose one from among the devils. You only queue up to grant licence to your looter. Election commission says that voting is our democratic duty. Are we going to choose?

10. People say that, if we don’t vote someone else will cast our vote. Should we jump to death for that ‘reason’?
What is the alternative, you may ask! We can build an alternative! Let’s discuss.

Please call 90031 98576
NDLF I.T. Employees Wing

  1. very simple logics and facts enough to skip election.election commission do’nt want to conduct free and fair election because it ca’nt be.they divert the people towards 100 %’s also impossible to the EC.why should people vote for a failure democratic system ? why should the people vote for a looting gang?utter waste.let the EC compell TATA &ambani,adani etc to vote for their favourite candidate.all political parties getting huge amount as election fund from the they will respect the party candidates ?EC knows it pretty well.100 % polling pobaganda is not for the upper class.but election manifestoes are also not for the upper class. you believe it promise!


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