Wednesday, July 15, 2020
முகப்பு இதர English Beef Ban - Attack on IITM student by RSS goons - Live...

Beef Ban – Attack on IITM student by RSS goons – Live Updates!


Beef Ban – Attack on IITM Ambedkar Periyar Study circle student Sooraj by RSS goons!

Sooraj, a Phd research scholar (from Kerala) and member of APSC, of IITM chennai was attacked today (30/05/2017) by RSS goons. The attack was to avenge those students who held a beef festival in the IITM campus on Sunday (28/05/2017).

Sooraj is being treated for the eye injury in the Sankara Nethralaya.

APSC was in the news, when Smriti Irani ordered action against them. They could not be cowed down. Entire Tamilnadu stood with them and the student community rose in support of APSC. The Modi govt. had to retreat.

This seems to be the second round. If they are intoxicated by their victory in the land of RAM, the land of RAVAN, will show them their place.

This Live Updates is to spread the message and awaken the student community against the Fascist Sangh Parivar. (For more entries, you can click on the ‘Load more Entries’ button at the end of the post)

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