The BJP and its supporters have long been shouting that NEET for medical admissions is being conducted to admit students to medical education on the basis of merit. But from time to time, many data have revealed that aptitude competitive exams like NEET helps well-to-do students and also pave the way for coaching centres to loot and exploit.
However, there are still people who recite the mantra that NEET in India helps in identifying ‘qualified’ students. Another data has now emerged, which spit on their faces.
“Careers-360’’ conducted a study on medical admissions. The study, conducted in March, has exposed with data that NEET is the easiest way for self-financing colleges to make large sums of money.
Moreover, the study explains how foolish is the dominant caste mentality that backward and scheduled caste students get seats in medical colleges even if they score low marks.
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Careers360 analysed and compared the closing ranks in state-level counselling for NRI (Non Resident Indian) quota and government seats across five states. (The closing rank is the lowest rank at which admission was granted)
A comparison has revealed that the students who come under the affluent NRI quota are lagging far behind in the ranks and marks. Thus, the tinge of selecting deserving students has faded away. It has been revealed that a person who has money can study whatever he wants and does not need any qualification. NEET or any other exams won’t bother them.
Let’s take a look at the summary of the study:
Of the 16 lakh students who registered to appear for NEET in 2020, 13.6 lakh appeared for the exam. About 7.7 lakh of them (including those who have ‘just pass’ed) cleared the exam.
Generally, many people believe that all the medical seats will be filled according to the rank and score, starting with the student from the top. But that doesn’t happen.
Of the five states that “Carriers-360’’ has taken up for study, let’s take Karnataka for example. Check out the table below:
(For information regarding Medical Colleges of other states look into the source article “NEET: How NRI quota dilutes ‘merit’ but faces none of the flak reservation gets”)
In 2020, about 40,000 of the 80,000 UG medical seats in the country were held by government colleges and the other 40,000 seats by private colleges. In these private colleges, there are only 1,869 seats in the NRI category.
As per the policy formulated, the fee for NRI section is around ₹10 lakh. None of the students from middle-class families are ready to enrol at such a high fee. These colleges can admit anyone of their choice if NRI students do not enrol in the first two rounds of counselling. These colleges collect around ₹1 crore to ₹2 crore from the students who are admitted in those seats.
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This is why private colleges are supporting NEET. For instance, Sankalp Charitable Trust, which was the first to file a case in the Supreme Court in support of NEET, runs medical colleges. The court had also rolled out the red carpet for the looters.
Look at how all the arguments made by the BJP and snobbish commentators like Sumanth Raman and Balagurusamy about ‘quality’ and ‘merit’ have been falsified.
In the same private college, a well-to-do NRI, with a ‘just pass’ NEET score and ranking several lakhs below the ranks of the last student in the Scheduled Caste category admitted under the government quota, gets a medical seat. How can these students be considered superior in ‘quality’? The ‘quality’ of NEET exam had been torn apart!



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