War on Ukraine :
Russian troops, getout from Ukraine and Crimean Peninsula!
US and NATO forces, getout from Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region!
♦ We shall protest against the war on Ukraine in the race for world hegemony of the U.S. and Russian superpowers!
♦ We shall defeat the war hysteria of U.S. and Western imperialist powers, which is annexing Ukraine and expanding the NATO military alliance in Eastern Europe to besiege and invade Russia.
♦ We shall break the hegemonic frenzy of U.S.-led imperialist powers that has built QUAD and AUKUS war alliances to intensify the rivalry against Russia and China into a nuclear world war.
♦ The US-led NATO alliance has no right on blaming Russia, which has waged wars of aggression on Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya and staged coups and proxy wars in other countries, imposed sanctions on Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea.
♦ We shall fight for the emancipation of the working people by developing the war between imperialist powers as a just and revolutionary civil war against imperialism, colonialism and hegemony.
♦ We shall expose pacifists (supporters and advocates of peace) the compromising forces who speak out for peace without opposing U.S – the first culprit in provoking the war, the U.S.and Russian superpowers and the hegemonic rivalry of imperialist powers.
♦ The proletariat can not support any side in the war for the domination and plunder of the imperialists! They should not ally the U.S. and Western imperialist powers in the name of opposing the Russia’s war offense!!
♦ Let us break down the oppression of bourgeois – imperialist powers that suppress the struggle for a just war of national liberation and the right to self-determination!
♦ Let us smash the imperalist conspiracies by using self-determination struggles of nationalities as a pawn to establish hegemony! Let us defeat the treachery that seeks to achieve liberation of a nationality by relying on imperialist forces!
♦ We shall fight for the independence and soverginity of the nations of the world and the right of self-determination of nationalities.
Workers of all countries, unite !


உங்கள் மறுமொழியை பதிவு செய்க
உங்கள் பெயரைப் பதிவு செய்க