The Supreme Court’s confirmed the desicion of 10% reservation! | People’s power Press release

It was only through mass protests that RSS-BJP; Ambani-Adani fascism can be defeated; the struggle for the rights of the people including reservation should be made as a part of this anti-fascist struggle.


The Supreme Court’s decision confirmed the 10% reservation!
Next move of RSS-BJP; Ambani-Adani fascist gang!

Press release

A 5-judge bench of the Supreme Court upheld the 103rd Amendment and upheld the 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections (EWS10%) of the upper castes.

For some years now, 10 percent reservation has been given to the economically weaker sections in all sectors including education and employment. For example, if a person belonging to a lower caste needs 60 points in education and employment, it is 28 points for an economically backward person.

Reservation is the economic upliftment of the lives of the caste-backward in the society by giving them quota.

The non-Brahmin castes fought for their right to reservation only during the time when the Brahmins were in power in all sectors. Because of that, many people who now claim to be the ruling caste started getting education and getting job opportunities.

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Those who have acquired educational knowledge and job opportunities have strengthened the government structure especially the public sector to a certain extent.

The RSS-BJP fascist gang whose ambition is to turn the entire country over to the Ambani-Adani fascist gang cannot accept that they are still talking about reservation, democracy and rights. The corporate cabal is trying to fulfill its mission by filling all the employment education and government departments with people who are inherently with the parochial fascist thought.

The Indian ruling class was forced to give reservation because of the situation where it had to present itself as a democratic country in earlier period.

If they continue to talk about democratic rights till now, there will be obstacles in selling the country to the Adani-Ambani fascist gang.

Right now reservation is also being taken away as a part of how all the rights of the people and all the rights of the workers are being gradually taken away.

The parochial mob, which begged for reservation when the whites ruled India and got it, now aims to turn the majority of the working people into slaves and uneducated laymen by abolishing reservation for corporate needs.

Due to privatization, liberalization and globalization, all government departments are being outsourced. Already purpose of reservation is being questioned.

What can be done now is that government jobs and free education are legal reservations in the context of decolonization in name only.

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Abolition of reservation is the demand of RSS-BJP fascist gang and Adani-Ambani fascist gang. That is why 10 percent reservation for economically backward sections was introduced during this period. The Supreme Court also affirmed.

Raising the tax limit to Rs.8 lakhs only for those who can claim to be economically weaker sections, when the maximum income tax limit in India is Rs.2.5 lakhs, proves once again that this government is only for parochials.

Appeals and revisions against this unjust judgment of the Supreme Court will not create any changes. Because all the departments are under the control of the RSS, the judicial department is also under its control. It was only through mass protests that RSS-BJP; Ambani-Adani fascism can be defeated; the struggle for the rights of the people including reservation should be made as a part of this anti-fascist struggle.

People’s power requests that leading the struggles for this should be our main task against this fascist.

With Comradeship,
Comrade Vetrivel Chezhian,
State Secretary,
People’s Power.
Contact : 99623 66321


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