NIA raids Popular Front of India (PFI) and SDPI offices!
– People’s Power condemns it

Press Release

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has unleashed violence in the name of conducting raids at the PFI – SDPI party offices in over hundreds of places in various states across the country.

The repression against the PFI – SDPI by the NIA is a continuation to the repression against the opposition parties and activists who oppose the policies of the fascist RSS – BJP.

These raids should be viewed as foreshadow to ban the democratic and revolutionary forces whose stances are contrary to the fascist RSS – BJP.

The BJP, which started its campaign as “Congress-free India”, is now destroying all other parties both through legal and illegal means.

It is our duty to fight such repression. People’s Power, therefore, strongly condemns the NIA raids on PFI – SDPI.

With Comradeship,
Comrade Vetrivel Chezhian,
State Secretary,
People’s Power.
Contact : 99623 66321


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