Let’s ban the fascist BJP which is trying to create riots by spreading rumours
that the North Indians are being attacked in Tamil Nadu!

People’s Power condemns!

It has now been exposed that it was the fascist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that conspired to spread rumours against Tamil Nadu through the north Indian media and social media for the last two to three days.

Prashant Umrao, spokesperson of the Uttar Pradesh BJP, has deliberately spread the fake news that 12 Bihar workers were beaten to death in Tamil Nadu for speaking in Hindi. This is a conspiracy to project the people of Tamil Nadu as enemies against other nationalities.

The fascist BJP and the north Indian media are conspiring to create a communal riot in Tamil Nadu by systematically spreading this fake news. The DGP of Tamil Nadu and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu have given a proper explanation regarding this. The fascist BJP has created a ruckus in the Bihar state Assembly alleging that the Biharis are being murdered in Tamil Nadu.

The history is that even during the times of the great anti-Hindi war, no Hindi-speaking person was attacked by the Tamils. The Tamils know how to distinguish between the working North Indians and the exploiting Marwari, Brahmin and Bania – Gujarati corporate capitalists.

A fascist from the BJP from Uttar Pradesh would spread rumours that Biharis are being murdered in Tamil Nadu. The north Indian media and the fascist BJP mob will spread the news all over India. The BJP will create ruckus in the Bihar Assembly and in Bihar. Annamalai will remain silent on all these and would simply say that the workers from the north are safe here in Tamil Nadu. What a drama this is!

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This rumour is one of the tactics of the BJP – RSS to spoil Tamil Nadu, to encircle Tamil Nadu, to divide and rule the state in a conspiratorial way. The rumour that ‘Bihar workers were murdered in Tamil Nadu’ was spread to protect the Modi-Amit Shah fascist mob that has been exposed through the BBC documentary, the Hindenburg Report and the LPG cylinder price hike, and to ensure that an all India alliance against the Modi-Amit Shah fascist mob does not form.

For now, this rumour may have been refuted. But RSS-BJP fascist mob will continue to pursue this tactic. Spreading rumours and rioting and thereby capturing power and dividing the nationalities is the art of Modi – Amit Shah and the fascist mob. Seeman is a perfect tool for this Modi mob. That is why he refuses to speak about the exploitation of the working people by the North Indian and Tamil capitalists. Instead he is projecting the working North Indians as the enemies of the Tamils. So, the goals of the BJP and Seeman are the same.

Therefore, our main demand should be to ban the RSS-BJP fascist mob. People’s Power is not asking the Election Commission to ban fascist BJP-RSS organisations; we are demanding the people of Tamil Nadu to ban the RSS-BJP, which is working against Tamil Nadu, in every street and in every village. It’s time for the Tamil people to take the initiative.

With Comradeship,
Comrade Marudhu,
People’s Power.
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