Press Release

The Union government led by corporate henchman Modi has hiked the price of domestic LPG by ₹50 per cylinder and commercial LPG cylinder by ₹351. Already, the fire of inflation is burning in India and this price hike adds fuel to the fire.

The working and the middle class, who are clinging to life, are caught in the fire.

Oil companies say that the price hike is inevitable due to the impact of the international market and the depreciation of the rupee. A few months ago, the BJP mob boasted that India became the world’s fifth largest economy, and that India had assumed the leadership of the G-20 alliance; The mob praised itself for its ‘good governance’.

A few days ago, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman bragged that the depreciation of rupee doesn’t matter as the Indian economy is standing strong.

This price hike was announced before their boasting had stopped resonating.

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After the price hike in July 2022, this price rise struck like a thunder. The times when there was a price hike of ₹5 or ₹10 were long gone. Nowadays there are only leaps.

The prices of petrol, diesel, gas cylinder, food items including rice and pulses, life-saving medicines have gone up. But, the wages remain the same and the permanent income of the workers is in question. The workers and other people are in dire straits. Inflation has become a permanent trend. Globalization, e-commerce, GST, allowing corporates in retail business are the factors intensifying the price hike.

On the other hand, corporate bosses are offered tax concessions, interest-free loan assistance, bad loan waivers and much more. Every government policy is aimed at making the corporate capitalists fattier.

The Modi government’s approach is to provide butter to the corporates and lime to the working people. Gas cylinder price hike is one such approach.

The New Democratic Labour Front State Coordination Committee strongly condemns the move of the Modi-led Union Government for increasing the cylinder prices and imposing more burden on the people, who are not in a situation to bear any price hike.

We demand that the hike in gas cylinder prices be rolled back and that the working people express their protest in the best possible way.

With comradeship,
New Democratic Labour Front,
State Coordination Committee,
Tamil Nadu.


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