In 2014, the BJP said it would create employment for 2 crore people a year. And with this rhetoric, it seized power. Similarly, in Tripura during the 2018 assembly elections, the BJP promised to create employment for 50,000 people a year and to implement the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations. With these empty promises, it defeated the Communist Party of India (Marxist) by a small margin and seized power in the state.
Soon after winning the elections, the fascist Hindutva mob demolished the statue of Comrade Lenin in Belonia and proclaimed its arrogance. After assuming power, the BJP forgot its poll promises. As a result, dissidency increased against the BJP government and there are sporadic protests. The Hindutva fascist mob has been continuously attacking the CPM party cadres not only to divert the attention of the people from the government’s failure but also to eliminate the communists from the political arena, which is one of their main agenda.
The BJP held an event in Ambassa, Dhalai district, where the BJP Chief Minister Biplab spoke hysterically to his party cadres that the communists should be uprooted from Tripura by 2023. The aim of the Hindutva fascists is to seize power by strategically opposing China and Bangladesh, attacking minorities in the name of infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims, hatred against Christians in the northeast and instilling jingoism and religious fanaticism among the people. A statement by a former RSS pracharak and Tripura election in-charge Sunil Deodhar proves this: “Northeastern states are an area of importance to the RSS to fulfill the dream of Hindurashtra”.
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In order to condemn the rampant unemployment and expose the BJP’s jumla of creating 50,000 jobs a year, the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) planned to organise a rally with the slogan ‘Where is my job?’ by obtaining proper permission. However, the police finally refused permission for the rally and BJP goons attacked those who tried to march against the ban.
In Tripura, 20 of the total 60 assembly seats are mostly populated by tribals. Because of the failure of the BJP to deliver on its poll promises, there has been discontent and hated among the people. This culminated in the defeat of the BJP and its allies in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) elections held on April 2021.  As the party is alienated from the people, the hindu fanatic mob has decided that violence and terrorism are the only way to win the upcoming 2023 Assembly elections.
Since March 2018 to June 2021, 662 Leftist’s party offices, 204 offices of Leftist mass organisations, 3363 houses of CPI(M) members and supporters, 659 shops have either been gutted, ransacked or looted and 1500 livelihood centres such as fish ponds, rubber trees and so on have been destroyed by the Hindutva goons. On September 8 this year, the Sangh Parivar goons unleashed violence on CPM party cadres and set ablaze 42 CPI(M) party offices, 67 houses and shops of CPI(M) supporters and Desharkatha media house.
The RSS-BJP thugs has set fire not only to CPM party offices but also attacked offices of other political parties and the offices of various newspapers and electronic media. Vehicles have been set ablaze. Such atrocities have taken place not only in Agartala, but in many other cities also. The state police were just bystanders during such a violent rampage. According to the CPI(M) Central Committee’s statement, the CRPF guards, stationed at the State office in Agartala, were mysteriously withdrawn an hour before the mob attack.
These attacks are not going to stop there. This fascist mob, which holds power, will not stop until it exterminates all the left thinkers, rationalists and minorities as a whole. These hindu-fanatic fascist terrorist gangs can never be eradicated through elections.
The RSS is a semi-secret deadly fascist organisation that doesn’t believe in the electoral system. It is a movement that has been ideologically trained from grass-root level to the top and has been systematically mobilized with a number of trainings, including arms training. Therefore, brahmanical fascism can only be brought down by an organisation or a coalition of various organisations capable of defeating the hindu-fanatic fascist organisation outside the electoral politics.
But the CPM’s handling of the issue, with no plans to confront the saffron fascist thugs, exposes its inability. The CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury bluntly refers to these attacks as “an attack on opposition, an attack on democracy” and the party is holding token rallies in the state capital Agartala and symbolic protests in other states against this murderous attack.
The CPM didn’t mobilize the masses against the fascist forces and made no attempt to impede the growth of the Sangh Parivar organisations not only during these ongoing attacks, but also during the CPM’s four-year term before the 2018 Tripura Assembly elections, when the Modi regime assumed power (i.e., between 2014 and 2018).
The CPM is considering the saffron-fascist forces as just another electoral political party and handles them with a democratic approach. Because of this approach, the RSS started to take root fast even during CPM’s regime. After BJP’s loss in the 2013 Assembly elections, the RSS worked among a wide range of people through various organisations and the number of Shakhas rose from 60 in 2014 to 265 in 2018.
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A good example in support of this fact is that in the 2018 elections, a large number of civil servants and their family members belonging to the CPM voted for the BJP. The CPM failed to create an understanding on the Hindutva fascist RSS-BJP not only among the people, but also among its own party members. A local RSS activist says “ordinary people do not know who Marx is, they have never studied Das Kapital”. This indicates CPM’s weakness.
Thus, the CPM had made the people helpless without a plan to defeat the fascist forces on the ground and the reason for this is the party’s treacherous revisionist parliamentary path. This is not the first time in history that we’re facing fascism. History has seen it before, when Hitler came to power in Germany. Hitler massacred the Communists before massacring the Jews and he was able to seize power through the treachery of the revisionist Communists there.
Therefore, the murderous attack on the CPM cadres must be seen from this background and dimension. We need to raise awareness among the people against Hindutva fascist terrorism and defeat these fascist thugs by actively and systematically fighting on the ground. For this, it is imperative for the revolutionary organisations, democratic forces and working class people in Tripura to come together to build an Anti-fascist People’s Front and fight!


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