The results of elections to five states – Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur and Goa – were announced on March 10. Except Punjab, the BJP had won big in four other states. Aam Aadmi Party has won in Punjab.
Uttar Pradesh is the largest state with 403 constituencies. Winning UP is a key factor in deciding who will capture power in the 2024 Parliamentary elections. Therefore, the results of the UP state elections were noticed by all.
In the case of UP, both the pre-poll and the post-poll surveys had predicted that the BJP would form the government even if the number of seats gets reduced. At the same time, a series of opinion polls predicted that the Samajwadi Party was likely to win.
Therefore, it was discussed that there would be a stiff competition between the BJP and the Samajwadi Party. Going a step further, the opposers of BJP and a section of the democratic forces said, “This time the BJP will be defeated and the Samajwadi Party will come to power”.
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But, even as the UP election campaigns were going on, in an article in our last December’s Tamil issue titled “Uttar Pradesh: No ‘viable alternative’ within Hindurashtra!”, we had written about the course of the election, explaining that there was no political party to call as an “alternative” to the BJP-RSS. The election results had come just as we predicted.
Uttar Pradesh: What made the BJP win again?
“Unlike the parties that are putting themselves forward against the BJP in Tamilnadu, none of the parties, including the Congress, which are putting forward themselves against the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, express nothing against its saffron policies.”
”It is an old rhetoric that the opposition parties are not opposing saffron politics; it is a new reality that is now maturing that those who stand up against the BJP are assimilating its ‘hindu politics’. Yes, next year’s election campaigns are heating up.” — “Uttar Pradesh: No ‘viable alternative’ within Hindurashtra!”
This is how the anti-BJP election field in Uttar Pradesh was. We have explained this in detail in that article.
The Congress, which proclaimed that “we are the real Hindus”, has been wiped out. “Lord Krishna himself came in my dream and said that the Ram Rajya will be built under your leadership”, Akhilesh Yadav said. People didn’t make him win either.
The BJP had criticised the Samajwadi Party as a “pro-Muslim, terrorist party”. Yogi’s campaign, which openly provoked a Hindu-Muslim conflict, has worked: “This is a contest between 80 percent and 20 percent”.
As said in our aforementioned article, “Congress, Bahujan Samaj, Samajwadi and Aam Aadmi Party are contesting against the BJP. The content of the campaigns is the BJP’s ‘Hindu’ politics vs the opposition’s anti-BJP Hindu politics. ‘No viable alternatives’ are visible as far we can see”.
The real ‘Hindu politics’ had defeated the ‘pseudo-Hindu politics’. The people of UP have made the BJP win because they thought it was the ‘original’ protector of their religion and nation. Can we ask them why they have not chosen anyone other than the BJP after the election campaign itself went in the direction of ‘Hindu politics’?
No party has ever returned to power in Uttar Pradesh for the second time. This 30-year-long history of UP, has been broken by the saffron fascists. They won 255 seats and now have 41.33 percent vote share, up from 39.67 percent last time.
How to view AAP’s victory?
On the other side, the Congress had lost all the strength it already had in the five state elections and the eligibility to call the Congress a “national party” has come into question. This too had created a sense of distrust and fear among the opposers of the RSS-BJP.
Even in Punjab, people did not choose the Congress as they opposed the BJP. They have made the Aam Aadmi Party win with a whopping majority. While exit polls have predicted AAP’s victory, it came as a surprise to many.
Kejriwal calls the victory a ‘revolution’ and says it will soon spread across the country.
In a short span of time, how could a party go beyond one state and capture power in another state that too winning with a majority? It is a mystery to many that AAP is able to register its presence at the national level.
In our aforementioned article on this, we explained about this under the sub-heading, “Aam Aadmi Party: Stepney of the ruling classes, another political tool for the RSS!”
“… .. In compilation, the hindutva politics by AAP is much closer to saffron fascism than any other party.
… .. The liberals who criticize this attitude of Aam Aadmi, call it as BJP’s ‘B’ team.
It is more appropriate to call it as ‘B’ team of the ruling classes than calling it as BJP’s ‘B’ team. The working people, stirred up by the Modi government’s economic policies, have begun to show discontent and anger towards the BJP. But not on its ideology of hindutva or jingoism. In this context, if the BJP’s popularity declines, the ruling classes will adopt the AAP, which is transforming into a party that can attract the masses by speaking the same hindutva-jingoism. In short, the AAP will act as a ‘stepney’ for the ruling classes if the ‘tyre’ called BJP gets punctured.
Moreover, the fascist army called RSS, doesn’t have to attain its goal of Hindurashtra by only using the BJP. BJP is just a political tool to the RSS. The RSS may also use another political party as its tool.”
Therefore, the AAP was kept by the ruling classes and the RSS as an alternative. Raghav Chadha, one of the party’s leaders, said that after winning the Punjab elections, that “the AAP has emerged as a major national force and will be a ‘natural and national’ replacement of Congress”.
We can understand from Raghav Chadha’s statement about the object of AAP’s birth!
Therefore, as far as the results of the elections in five states are concerned, the BJP had won in four states. But in all the five states (including the AAP in Punjab) the RSS had won.
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The plight of migrant workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, children who died without oxygen cylinders in a government hospital, dead bodies floating on the banks of the Ganges, rape & crimes against women, attacks on Dalits-Muslims, murder of farmers by hitting with a car – We may criticize the people that, after all these injustices, the people had chosen the BJP.
It is true that religious fanaticism has been instilled on the heads of the people of UP to such an extent that they cannot even imagine their degradation. However, there is no one to campaign that all these problems were because of the RSS-BJP led saffron – corporate fascism. Who/which party is there to mobilise the people and create a class consciousness against fascism by mobilising them and saying that they will not survive unless fascism is defeated? The vote-bank political parties say “We’re also Hindu. What we are going to establish is also Rama Rajya”. There was no alternative to these vote-bank parties who had fallen prey to fascism.
Opposing the RSS-BJP means speaking anti-fascist politics; to wage field struggles against them; The “viable alternative” against the RSS-BJP is allying against the Hindu Rashtra.

Editorial Board, New Democracy.


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