November 7: Let’s uphold the day of Russian Socialist Revolution!

December 21: Let’s remember the birth anniversary of our mentor Comrade Stalin, who defeated Hitler-Mussolini fascism!

Collapse of small scale businesses – unemployment – Price rise – Fascist repressions:

Let’s smash RSS-BJP; Ambani-Adani fascism!
Let’s uphold the day of Russian Socialist Revolution!

November – December 2022

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Dear working people!

We should learn from the Great October Socialist Revolution that took place in Russia on November 7, 1917. We are shouldering the obligation of defeating the saffron-corporate fascism that is intimidating the country on the birth anniversary of our mentor Comrade Stalin, who defeated the Hitler-Mussolini fascism that intimidated the entire world.

Eight years of fascist devilish rule:

The Modi government plundered Rs 20 lakh crore – through digitalization of the economy, the GST which destroyed the MSME sector, Cess, Excise duty on petrol-diesel, etc., – by exploiting the livelihoods of the working people and bestowed it to the corporates. It made the state governments subservient and collects tributes from them.

The Modi government is preventing its own people from doing small-scale businesses, preventing people from agriculture, depriving the tribes their land rights, preventing the use of underground water and is amending the laws to benefit the corporates such as Ambani, Adani, Vedanta and Mittal. The farm laws, Environmental Impact Assessment notification, the new Labour Codes, the New Education Policy, the Electricity (Amendment) Bill, and National Monetization Pipeline which gifts public sector enterprises to the corporates – are only a few droplets among Modi’s fascist schemes.

Yes, Modi’s rule has brought the country to the brink of disaster!

Is Modi creating a heaven or a Somalia?

For the last eight years, MSME and handcrafts, which generated majority of the employment, were being crushed by corporate plundering. As a result of this, there is unprecedented rise in unemployment. Modi regime promised to create a heaven. But, scarcity and hunger deaths are on the rise and the country is in the danger of turning into a Somalia. Even the tyrannical RSS mob has come to a stage that this truth can’t be hidden anymore. That’s why, it is shedding crocodile tears that more than 20 crore people are reeling under poverty and 4 crore youth are unemployed.

In this situation, the US imperialism is increasing the value of dollar. And because of this, there is rise in inflation worldwide. The RBI governor, who did not have the guts to condemn the dishonest practices of the United States, is saying that the global economy is in the eye of a new storm. As a result of this, India is going to face a food scarcity. The Modi-Nirmala Sitharaman mob is trying to avert from its responsibility by citing this as a reason.

Modi is boasting that India had become the 5th largest economy in the world. But the truth is that, India has turned into just another Sri Lanka.

RSS-BJP; Ambani-Adani Fascism

The recolonizational policies of privatization-liberalization-globalization are being imposed in India from the 1990s by the imperialist countries including the US with the intent to loot the backward and growing economies like India. The BJP regime is in the forefront in distributing this loot to the corporate bosses like Ambani, Adani, Vedanta, Mittal and Tata with Marwari, Parsi, Brahmin, Bania and Sindhi backgrounds.

The RSS’s ideology is caste-based varnashrama – Brahminical terrorism which is based on inequality and is anti-democratic in nature. The Hindu Rashtra policy which is a manifestation of this forms the base for their pro-corporate stance. That’s why, in order to protect the corporate plundering, Brahminical fascism and corporate fascism are acting conjointly.

The RSS has infiltrated in the Sate machinery and in all sectors of the society through constitutional means; the Constitution itself is intended to protect private property and exploitation. The fascist mob is destroying even the democratic features which existed for at least namesake, in order to carry out corporate plundering and its Hindu Rashtra intent without any hurdle.

Projecting Muslims as enemies and dividing the people, indulging in pre-planned riots against them; beating up and killing minorities, tribes and dalits; raping and killing of girls and women – these incidents have become day-to-day events in the BJP-ruled states and the entire society is being kept in a tensed state by the RSS sangh parivar mob.

This country is only for the dominant castes including the Brahmins and the upper class. For others, i.e., the working people it’s a burial ground. This is the Hindu Rashtra that the saffrons are trying to establish.

Socialist Russia is our guide!

At the time of First World War, which was fought by the imperialisms on who should plunder, the Russian working class under the leadership of Comrade Lenin defeated capitalism and orchestrated the Socialist Revolution and established people’s power. Likewise, during the Second World War, which again fought for plundering by the imperialisms, 2 crore Russian people under the leadership of Comrade Stalin sacrificed their lives and saved the people of the world.

Such united struggles and sacrifices of the working people alone can throw away the fascism that is surrounding India.

Let the protests rise into uprisings!

The protests against RSS-BJP; Ambani-Adani fascism across the country are growing. In Tamilnadu also people from all walks – farmers, labourers, fishermen, sanitation workers, students, nurses and professors – are protesting in many places including Kallakurichi, Ulundurpet, Parandur, Puducherry and Coimbatore. The anti-fascist forces are protesting against the fascistic actions of the RSS-BJP. It is imperative of the time that those who fight fascism should come together and form anti-fascist united fronts and anti-fascist people’s front to fight fascism. It is important to cultivate these protests into uprisings to achieve our goal of defeating fascism.

The RSS-BJP mob has intensely indulged in conspiracies to lay its base in Tamilnadu. Let’s make it clear to them again that Tamilnadu will never surrender! Let’s cultivate people’s protests into big uprisings! Let’s uproot RSS-BJP; Ambani-Adani fascism!

  • Let’s smash Saffron-Corporate fascism!
  • Let’s throw away the illusions on the pseudo-democratic State structure!
  • Let’s establish an anti-Fascist Democratic Republic!
  • Let’s smash RSS-BJP; Ambani-Adani fascism!
  • Let’s unite as anti-Fascist People’s Front!
  • Let’s build an anti-Fascist people’s uprising!

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