Adani – The Bandit who robbed India!

RSS – BJP; Modi fascist clique, which sacrificed India to benefit the
Ambani – Adani fascist clique, is the culprit!

Press Release

The Hindenburg Report revealed that Adani, who is India’s richest man and 5th richest in the world, is a fraudster, traitor and a bandit.

Adani manipulated the value of his shares by starting offshore shell entities to buy shares from his listed companies, and by intimidating the LIC to buy his shares with the help of fascist Modi – Amit Shah clique. He got loans from the SBI by quoting these manipulated share values and started new companies. This is how Adani became the richest Indian in just eight years of Modi rule.

Adani Group is levelling accusations against Hindenburg. It is trying to hide behind the national pride by projecting the report as a conspiracy to decimate Indian companies.

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Adani Group’s stocks continue to bleed. LIC, which invested in Adani Group, suffered losses in billions. In order to make up for Adani’s loss, LIC was forced to invest another  ₹3 billion in the Adani Group. This has turned the lives of millions of people who invested in the LIC into a big question mark.

For the sustenance of Adani and Ambani in the top of the world’s rich list, the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG in India were maintained at exorbitantly higher rates, though their global prices fell. Billions of rupees was taken from the RBI reserves. Ports, airports, Navratna Public Sector Enterprises, natural resources including water, land and sky are being destroyed for the sake of Ambani and Adani. Laws are being amended to favour them. The political parties are made to abide either willfully or through intimidation; the protesting people face State repression. Those who voice for the people are incarcerated by using draconian laws like UAPA.

The RSS – BJP fascists are gifting the entire country to the Ambani – Adani fascist clique. Hindurashtra is required for them to plunder the country. The fact that the wealth of the Ambani – Adani fascist clique has increased several hundredfold and the accumulation of hundreds of billions of election funds through electoral bonds to the BJP is an example to this.

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The reason for the prevailing of unemployment – economic crisis – inflation – poverty –hunger is the RSS – BJP; Ambani – Adani fascist clique and the recolonizational policies of privatization – liberalization – globalization pursued by it.

People’s Power is declaring that the Ambani – Adani fascist clique which plunders the people and the country, and the RSS – BJP; Modi – Amit Shah fascist clique which is sacrificing the entire country to the corporate fascist clique as enemies of the people. People’s Power is appealing to the students, youngsters, workers, peasants, fishermen and women to smash the RSS – BJP; Ambani – Adani fascism, in order to get rid of their woes.

With Comradeship,
Comrade Vetrivel Chezhian,
State Secretary,
People’s Power,
Tamil Nadu – Puducherry.
Contact : 99623 66321


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