When R.N. Ravi was the Governor of Nagaland, he disrupted the administration of the state government and caught fishes for the BJP’s allies. He filled the state administration with RSS cadres. As an Intelligence Officer, he approached Naga militant groups, degenerate it and announce a ceasefire. People celebrated the day when Governor Ravi left Nagaland. The press boycotted Ravi’s parting treat. Such a notorious and fascist stooge, R.N. Ravi has been duly performing his job as a henchman since he assumed office in Tamilnadu.

There were reports in the media that, Governor Ravi, on September 21, summoned Tamilnadu Law and Order DGP Sylendra Babu and Intelligence Bureau ADGP Davidson Devasirvatham and inquired about the protests against the Union Government in Tamilnadu and about the black flag protest by the DMK and its allies against the former Governor Purohit. The Governor used to summon the Chief Secretary if he needed any information about the government. But the new Governor unusually summoned the police officers. The DMK, which swung its horn against Banwarilal Purohit during the last ADMK’S Palanisamy regime, is now remaining mute.

Media reported about the Chief Secretary Irai Anbu’s circular to the heads of departments to keep ready the information regarding welfare schemes to be conveyed to the Governor. Following the media reports, the Chief Secretary claimed that it was a ‘normal practice’.

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Article 167 of the Constitution permits the Governor to ask the State Government for certain details. But it is up to the Chief Minister of the state to provide the details the Governor asks for. The Governor’s direct call to the Secretaries of the state denotes interference in the functioning of the State Government. The Constitution of India does not allow this. The Governor’s subsequent actions have lamented and angered even the DMK allies.

In a statement, Thirumavalavan, President of the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), said, “Meeting officials directly would call into question the credibility of the government elected by the people”. But the DMK is remaining silent.

A student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya School in Coimbatore committed suicide due to sexual exploitation by a school teacher. The people of that area continued to protest to arrest the school teacher and the Principal. The police threatened the parents of the deceased girl to receive the body while on the other hand gave the Principal time to escape by not arresting her. Due to continuous protest by the people, the police arrested the school Principal Meera Jackson, but released her within days. The police filed a case against the people who protested against this. Moreover, the police rolled out the red carpet for Arjun Sampath of the Hindu Makkal Katchi, who had come to disrupt the protest.

Police have registered two cases against Thirumurugan Gandhi of the May 17 movement, who participated in a protest against the shooting of fisherman named Rajkiran of Kottaipattinam, Pudukottai district by the Sri Lankan military in the sea. But the police were not bothered by the BJP’s protest against the same issue. Thirumurugan Gandhi openly said “In the current circumstances, the DMK government is being silent. State autonomy is questioning when the rights of the state government are being taken away. But the DMK doesn’t seem to be paying any attention. The Tamilnadu Police Department doesn’t seem to be in the hands of the TN Government. It is directly in the hands of the Union Government or its affiliates”.

This time, the police had put severe curbs on Muslim organisations that observe the day of Babri Masjid demolition as Black Day.

The police banned the hoisting of the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi flag at Morur in Salem district and instigated the dominant castes against the VCK cadres. The police later registered a case against the VCK party cadres who protested against it. Thirumavalavan alleged, “Only the regime has changed but not the scenes. Even though the DMK assumed power, the police is still in ADMK mentality”.

Police have registered a case under two sections against Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi chief Velmurugan for celebrating the birth anniversary of LTTE leader Prabhakaran by cutting cakes. Criticising this, he said, “The regime has changed but the scenes haven’t. Though the DMK assumed power, the situation continues as it did in the ADMK regime. The Tamilnadu police is pressing charges even against the leaders of the DMK allies”.

Various movements in TN, including farmers’ unions, protested against the Modi government over the killing of farmers by the son of the Union Minister of State in Uttar Pradesh. When Modi’s effigy was burnt in Mayiladuthurai, the BJP men said, “If Modi’s effigy is burnt, we will burn Lenin’s effigy in return”. But they were not arrested. Similarly, the BJP had a dispute in Tanjore in a event offering salute to the farmers. The police politely bid them farewell and suppressed the protesting farmers.

The invitation for the Bharathidasan University convocation ceremony carried the words “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”, to mark the 75th Independence Day. “The Tamilnadu government has dubbed these Hindi words as Suthanthira Thirunaal Amudha Peruvizha (STAP) in Tamil and has also advised that the Tamil phrase should be used. However, Bharathidasan university has violated it,” PMK Anbumani stated. “The use of Hindi slogan by the Bharathidasan University amounts to Hindi imposition. Who is controlling Bharatidasan University which does not respect the order of government of Tamilnadu”, he questioned.

In last October, Governor Ravi convened a meeting of Vice-Chancellors of the Universities and Deemed Universities and said that the New Education Policy should be implemented immediately. In reply to Tamilnadu Minister Ponmudi, who criticised the Three Language policy, the Governor highlighted the ‘special features’ of the New Education Policy at the stage of the convocation. He also challengingly spoke that the New Education Policy would make India an equitable and vibrant knowledge society.

There is a secret order from the ‘High Command’ to prepare a list of students who align with left-wing politics from all Government Colleges & Universities, especially from educational institutions in the metropolitan areas. While student organisations have been wiped out by years of systematic pressure in most educational institutions in Tamilnadu, they have now focused on targeting and suppressing a few unorganised frontline student activists.

The Governor, henchman of the Central Government, “has the power only to aid and advice the elected Government and not to change the decisions of the elected government or to take decisions on his own,” the court observed. R.N. Ravi is laying the foundation for a fascist regime in Tamilnadu by breaking all the rules and laws.

“As long as MK Stalin is there, the BJP won’t be able to enter TN; The RSS’s dream won’t be fulfilled,” some people are saying like that. This ostentatious empty talk is not new. During the 1999 parliamentary elections in which the DMK allied with the BJP, they said on the dais that “even if the DMK forms an alliance with the BJP, there will be no communalism in Tamilnadu as long as Kalaignar Karunanidhi is there”. It was the same Karunanidhi who called the RSS, the culprit behind Gujarat pogrom, as ‘social organization’ inorder to retain power and the post of ministers at the Centre. He called the organization a ‘social organisation’. He laid the foundation for the RSS-BJP. When it comes to position and power politics there exists only opportunism; and not ideology.

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A spy’s job is to penetrate the enemy country and create the foundation for his master, and then bring down the enemy State! That’s what R.N. Ravi is doing in Tamilnadu effectively. But many of us are in the day dream that this fascist invasion could be brought down with the cardboard knife called ‘election’.

The RSS – Hindutva (Brahminical) clique is waging a proxy war against Tamilnadu to establish a saffron-corporate fascist regime. The Intelligence Chief of this clique, R.N. Ravi, is trampling on all the values of the Government of Tamilnadu and creating a fifth army for themselves.

Therefore, the democratic forces and intellectuals of TN must get rid of the tendencies like ‘the DMK will take care of the BJP’, ‘Fascism can be prevented by bringing down the BJP in the upcoming parliamentary elections’. Even R.N. Ravi can be sent home only through the working class’s ground battle to bring down the Brahminical fascists.



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