Thriving Fascists: Betrayal of ‘Socialists’!

Concealing that the pro-corporate policies are responsible for the deprivation of the people's livelihoods, far-right fascist cliques are seeking to return to power again by inducing racism, jingoism, religious and ethnic hatred.

In the past month or two, we can observe the trend that the fascist forces are gaining strength in the elections held in the USA, Italy, Israel, France, Sweden and Brazil. This trend is terrifying not only to the working class of these countries but also an issue of concern at the international level.

We know that the fascist forces are growing rampantly as a result of crises caused by imperialism. At the same time, the ruling class parties with the ‘democratic’, ‘socialist’ masks were responsible for the gaining of support to the fascist forces among the masses. We can observe this in every country mentioned above!

Italy: Mussolini’s heirs in power!

In October 1922, fascist Mussolini came to power in Italy. Exactly, hundred years later, his heirs have come to power. The results of the general elections were declared on October 2022. The coalition led by Brothers of Italy (Fratelli dItalia, FDI) had won the elections with 46 percent vote share. The party’s President Giorgia Meloni has become the Prime Minister of Italy.

FDI, which got only 4 percent votes in 2018, has now got 26 percent votes. The infiltration of neo-Nazi fascist groups in the State machinery and the society is the reason for their rapid growth. Moreover, Meloni is from the youth wing of Movimento Sociale Italiano (MSI), a direct descendant of Mussolini’s Fascist Party.

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MSI is full of violent fascists. This party has close ties with neo-Nazi groups such as Casapound.

This fascist mob seized power by utilizing the economic crises which lasted for a long time in Italy, and the anti-incumbency against the ruling party. They hid the truth that the pro-corporate economic policies of the government were responsible for the country’s economic crises, and created and propagated a mirage that the immigrants – refugees were responsible for the crises. The party is maintaining the fascist motto ‘God – Family – Fatherland’, which was used during the times of Mussolini.

The tormenting thing is that a part of the Italian proletariat has fallen prey to the vicious campaign of the fascists. The failure of pseudo-communist parties like Rifondazione Comunista in propagating the class politics among the workers, and indulging in treachery by forming alliances with the ruling class parties form the basis for the growth in sphere of influence of the fascists.

France, Sweden: Emergence of neo-Fascists

Similar to that of France, the influence of the fascist mobs is on the rise in France and Sweden too. Though these mobs failed to capture power in the recently held parliamentary elections, they had increased their sphere of influence among the people. The election results also reflect this.

Sweden Democrats party was established by neo-Nazis. They propagate anti-Semitism to gain foothold. In France, National Rally party led by Marine Le Pen is a fascist party. Its base among the people is on the rise. It is harvesting the anti-Muslim mentality which emerged among the people as a result of 2015 Paris attacks by the ISIS terrorists.

Projecting the immigrants as the reason for the prevailing unemployment is the general tactics employed by the fascists worldwide. Sweden Democrats and France’s National Rally use this tactic well. When a black member of the lower house was speaking about the dangers faced by the migrants, an MP belonging to the fascist far-right shouted “Go back to Africa”. The actions of these fascist mobs indicate us that these hate speeches against the immigrants could soon turn into violent attacks.

Israel: Zionist Fascism!

In the recently held Israeli legislative elections, Benjamin Netanyahu again became the Prime Minister by forging an alliance with the Zionist – Fascist party “Religious Zionism”. Alliance with the fascists will intensify the attack on the Palestinians by the Zionists.

Netanyahu himself is a Jewish fanatic. He retained power for 12 years continuously by using Jewish fanaticism. Bennett and Lapid, who captured power in 2021 also Jewish fanatics.

The Bennett mob, which seized power by forming a potential coalition of colourful arrays with the pseudo-communists, United Arab List and far-right parties, did not last long. The lost Netanyahu indulged in intense Jewish fanatical campaigning. He campaigned against Bennett government’s approval on a plan to employ Palestinian workers. As a result, Knesset (Israeli parliament) coalition whip Idit Silman accused Bennett’s government of “damaging Israel’s Jewish character” and left the coalition government.

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No one voted against the dissolution motion in the Knesset. Even the parties in the ruling coalition were in favour of dissolving the government, as they can’t tackle the discontent of the people.

All the regime changes that took place in Israel were expressions of dogfights among the Jewish fanatics. Jewish fanaticism against the Palestinians is averting the people from the real issues like degrading living standards and increasing inequality. This has become a trend.

The fascists, who have now joined hands with Netanyahu, are trying to take over the power of the judiciary by reducing and concentrating power in the hands of the lawmakers by using parliamentary democracy as a means to bring about fascist autocracy.

America: Fascism spreading like raging fire!

Trump-led white racist fascist mob in the United States is waiting like a bloodthirsty wolf in order to seize power once again. Although the Biden-led Democratic Party won the recently held Senate election, the Trump-led Republican Party retained 20 of the 21 seats it had already held. It won more seats than the Democratic Party in the elections to the House of Representatives.

As a result of this, Trump announced that he will be running for the 2024 presidential elections. The democratic tradition followed in the United States is to hold an internal election and announce the presidential candidate. But, Trump has announced himself as the presidential candidate, ahead of the internal election, in order to reap the support he has developed among the people. He has been inducing jingoism and campaigning about his decision to run for president; he said “America’s comeback starts right now”.

Various white supremacist outfits like Proud boys, Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Confederate, Neo-Nazi, Racist Skinhead, Christian Identity are unanimously supporting Trump.

The social media campaigning of the pro-Trump white supremacist fascist mob has increased drastically since the attempted coup in the Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021. As of August 2022, Meta has announced that it has detected and removed 750 social media accounts, pages and groups that spread fascistic ideas on Facebook and Instagram. But in reality, the activities of fascists cannot be controlled by only imposing restrictions on social media.

Brazil: Lula’s victory is only temporary!

Fascist Bolsonaro’s defeat and Lula’s victory in Brazil’s recently held presidential election is being hailed by pseudo-communists around the world as a significant victory.

However, Bolsonaro received 49.1 percent of the votes, even after his anti-people actions such as negligence in handling the corona pandemic, which has resulted in the deaths of seven lakh people, burning much of the Amazon forests and evicting tribals, and reducing welfare spending.

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Though Lula won the presidential election, Bolsonaro’s party has got the majority in the parliamentary and gubernatorial elections (elections for the post of Governor). In order to regain power, the Bolsonaro clique may use it to block Lula’s election promises from being delivered and cause disaffection with the ruling coalition.

Bolsonaro, who propagates evangelical Christian fanaticism, has a huge support among the evangelical denominations. So, in order to gain the support of the evangelical Christians during the election campaigns, Lula spoke in support of their religious doctrines. This is the true face of the so called ‘leftist’ Lula.

The ruling coalition parties that have joined hands to oppose Bolsonaro are also unprincipled survivalist parties. It is more likely that these political parties would leave the alliance any time.

In addition, there is a possibility that the violent evangelical Christian fanatics, at the instigation of the Bolsonaro mob, may engage in riots against minorities. Following Brazil’s election result, evangelical Christian fanatics called for a military coup and violent upsurge on social media. They indulged in anti-Communist pro-dictatorship campaigns with slogans such as “We are not thugs; We are Brazilians fighting for your freedom”, “Military intervention or communism!”, “Nothing changes in this country without military intervention!” and so on. Therefore, Lula’s success is similar to a bubble!

Let’s tear off fascists’ masks!

Fascist mobs are seizing power in many countries around the world. Whether it is the extreme right-wing reactionary cliques or a section of the ruling class under the guise of socialists, democrats and communists, they have made the recolonizational policies of privatization–liberalization–globalization as their policy.

But with the aggressive implementation of the recolonizational policies, the livelihoods of the people are being further deteriorated. Concealing that the pro-corporate policies are responsible for the deprivation of the people’s livelihoods, far-right fascist cliques are seeking to return to power again by inducing racism, jingoism, religious and ethnic hatred.

The mobs guised as protectors of democracy are implementing these recolonizational policies. But they pretend to be opposing them. Moreover, they are submerged in corruption. It is this degeneration and treachery that forms the basis for the rise and capturing of power by the fascists. Let our fight against fascism begin with tearing off the masks of these opportunistic parties!



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