The North Tamilnadu RSS leader Kumaraswamy says that the youth in India should self-employ and become entrepreneurs instead of waiting for jobs. It was also passed as a resolution at the all-India delegation meeting held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Even the bourgeois press wrote “This is the first time that the RSS is worried about employment”. Campaigning that Hinduism is at stake to communalise the majority of the population, carrying out hate campaigns against the minorities, carrying out riots, getting Sangh Pariwar inside government institutions – in short, to build the country into a Hindu Rashtra: The RSS does not want to know anything other than this. Then why is such a fascist organization concerned about unemployment?
This is because unemployment in our country today has become a serious problem. The number of people committing suicide due to poverty, unsustained livelihood and overburdened debt is also on the rise. So even the RSS has been forced to comment on it.
“Suicide of a brother-sister due to poverty, a photographer’s suicide due to dismissal, a farmer’s death due to debt, a young man hanged due to unemployment”– suicides have become daily news.
Rajiv Tomar owns a shoe shop in Uttar Pradesh. After implementation of GST tax collection system by Modi government, he faced a severe crisis in his business. The lockdown due to Corona pandemic, which was announced in 2020, had further intensified the industrial crisis and made him a debtor.
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In February last year, he was talking about the loss of his business on a Facebook live. He suddenly attempted suicide by consuming poison. His wife, who was nearby, tried to stop him but she could not. So she too consumed poison. His wife died during treatment.
Before committing suicide, he cried on Facebook Live and said: “I think I have the freedom to speak. I will pay the debts I have. Even if I die, I will pay. But I request everyone to please share this video as much as possible. I am not an ‘anti-national’ but I want to tell Modi ji, you are not a well-wisher of small traders and farmers. Change your policies.”
Like the proverb “You may know by a handful the whole sack” says, this is not an isolated incident. Between 2018 and 2020 alone, 25,000 people have committed suicide in frustration due to debt and business crises and unemployment. This is the figure provided by the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs himself to a question raised by the opposition in the Budget Session.
Between 2018 and 2020, 9,140 people committed suicide due to unemployment and 16,091 due to debt or business losses, according to figures provided by the National Crime Records Bureau.
In 2020 alone, there have been a large number of suicides. It was in that year that the lockdown was imposed due to corona pandemic. During that period, 3,548 people committed suicide due to unemployment or loss of jobs and 5,213 due to debt burden.
Demonetisation by the Modi government in 2016, followed by the introduction of GST tax collection system in 2017 drove many out of small business. Many committed suicide out of fear of how to run their lives and how to pay off their debts. According to a study conducted by the Azim Premji University, 50 lakh people lost their jobs during this period.
According to this study, there was a 6 per cent increase in job losses (due to GST and demonetisation) in 2018, the highest in a decade.
But, “it was due to the corona lockdown that unemployment had increased; Now the situation has improved’’ – The BJP supporters are saying that everything has become ‘prosperous’.
While the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs revealed the truth in the Rajya Sabha, the Karnataka BJP MP Tejasvi Surya ridiculed, “There is no unemployment in the country; It is the Congress leadership that is unemployed”.
The real estate sector had collapsed even before 2020; The automobile industry including Ashok Leyland, TVS witnessed a downturn; While four-wheelers remained unsold, several smaller companies that were manufacturing spare parts for automobile industry were shut down indefinitely; Workers were laid off, compulsory leave & wage cuts were imposed. The same is true of IT sector workers. Parle G Biscuit Company laid off 10,000 of its employees.
According to a 2017-18 report by the National Sample Survey Office, unemployment rose to a 45-year high of 6.1 percent. The truth is that the corona lockdown has only intensified these existing crises.
Instead of waiting for a job, the RSS is asking to get self-employed and survive. Modi came to power with a rhetoric of creating two crore jobs. But after coming to power, he said “even selling pakodas is a form of employment”. That’s what the RSS is also saying; but in other words.
Two years ago, when onion prices skyrocketed Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in the Lok Sabha that “I don’t eat onions and garlic”. Even to sell pakodas, you have to buy onions!
Similarly, when spoke about the petrol-diesel price hike recently, a BJP MP asked, “Did Modi became the Prime Minister to take care of all this?” For whom did Modi became Prime Minister then? The answer to this is in the recently released Global Rich List 2022 by Hurun India.
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According to the report, Adani’s asset value alone has increased by 1830 percent over the past decade; Ambani’s assets have gone up by 400 percent; In the last year (2021) alone, Gautam Adani has amassed assets worth US $ 49 billion; That’s more than the assets accumulated by the world’s top three richest people that year, according to the report’s figures. Modi had worked hard / is working hard day and night for this.
During the covid pandemic, lakhs of people lost their jobs and not even a meal a day is guaranteed. The Modi government, which had not announced any schemes for their rehabilitation, has given tax concessions to big corporates in the name of ‘Atmanirbhar’. At present, in the name of monetisation and infrastructure projects, it is giving up the public sector. This is the reason why the belly of the corporate bosses keeps getting fattened.
The fact that millions of people are dying by suicide due to unemployment, poverty and debt burden is not without a connection with the tremendous growth of the corporate bosses.
It is our tax money that is being poured to the corporate bosses as capital debts and tax concessions. Their capital expands only by buying down the public sector, which has flourished with our sweat. It is the Modi government that is arranging all this in the name of the State. There is no end to all this misery without overthrowing this demonic fascist rule.



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