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New Democracy (Puthiya Jananayagam) July – 2022

List of Articles Present in this Issue :

♦ Perarivalan released; Release all, including Nalini, Murugan, Santhan! – Makkal Athikaram Press Release

♦ Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Dice in the Fight for Hegemony of US-Chaina in South Asia (Part 1)

♦ The uprising of the working people that shook Sri Lanka!

♦ The Path to Autonomy of Eelam Tamils: Ethnicism or Class Struggle?

♦ A Revolutionaray Party with a mass base: The need of the hour for Sri Lankan Liberation

♦ Let’s get on the field against saffron fascist bulldozers! Let’s give a shoulder to the Islamic people!

♦ Russia – Ukraine War: America’s Proxy War and the Danger of a World War

♦ Communal attacks during Hindu festivals: The next leap of saffron terrorism!

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