18,850 Textile units go on strike to protest against rising yarn prices! People’s power support this!
Press release
Textile units in Erode, Tiruppur, Karur and Salem are on a two-day strike to protest against the price hike.. People’s power supports this strike.
The price of a candy (356 kg of cotton) in January, 2022 was ₹76,000 and it has now increased to Rs 1,05,000. Similarly, the price of yarn has gone up.
The textile industry has been hit hard by rising cotton and yarn prices. Manufacturing companies across Tamil Nadu, including Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Karur, Erode, Namakkal and Salem, have been hit hard by rising prices. Thirty-six unions, including the Tirupur Exporters’ Association and the South Indian Banyan Manufacturers’ Association, have joined the strike. As a result, more than 8,000 companies have ceased operations.
In support of this owners of 2.5 lakh powerlooms and 20,000 shuttleless loom in Palladam and its surroundings are also on strike. Districts like Salem, Andipatti and Karur are also battling the rise in prices.
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The Textiles and Knitting units have announced a strike on May 16 and 17. Some of the demands put forth by the associations include controlling the cotton and yarn prices, banning cotton export, supplying cotton to spinning mills through Cotton Corporation of India and bringing cotton under essential commodities list.
The Cotton Corporation of India has alleged that millions of bales were hoarded since cotton trade is not properly regulated. The price of cotton has gone up due to artificial scarcity.
People’s Power supports the strike of textile units condemning the rise in yarn and cotton prices.
The Union government should immediately curb hoarding of yarn and cotton and thereby stopping the price rise caused by artificial scarcity. The Cotton Corporation of India should regulate the cotton trade.
Already, the prices of rice, pulses, oil, tomatoes, onions and other essential food items that people use every day, petrol, diesel and gas cylinder prices are increasing day by day. The Union government has not taken any action to control it. So the poor and the middle class have been pushed to the point where they can no longer live.
The Modi government has been working to destroy micro, small and medium scale enterprises since its inception in 2014. Today, if the price of cotton and yarn rises, many small and medium size cotton manufacturers will become non-functional and the workers will become jobless. So, we ask the people of Tamil Nadu to support this demand.
மக்கள் அதிகாரம்
With Comradeship
Comrade Amritha
State Treasurer
Makkal Athikaram,
Tamil Nadu – Puducherry,
99623 66321.


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